Friday, October 26, 2007

Going to the Ballet

Tonight Emma and I are going to the Russian Ballet. It's here in town and I'm really excited. A group of us from the Hospitality House and Chapel are going! It's starts tonight at 1900 (7 pm). Chad and the boys will be going to regular Friday night Hospitality House. Tonight for the HH is pizza, so Chad's making a pizza once he gets home and he'll feed the boys while I'm getting ready.

Tomorrow in the morning we're going on a Fall Colors walk with the Hospitality House and then my friend Bobbie is taking the boys to her place while Chad and I go over to Graf to the new PX and do some Christmas shopping for the kids!! :) That evening the boys and Bobbie's son are going to another friends place to have a sleepover. That friends oldest son just had a birthday and this is his "party" a sleepover. Jack's going too because she thought it'd be nice for her youngest son who's also 4 to have a friend to play with and Jack and her son love each other!

Sunday we have chapel and when we get home I have to start some laundry and then we have AWANA. I'm the Sparks Director again. This week I'll be the Sec. too since mine will not be there. I have to meet with my leaders at 4:00 to go over any questions they have and go over a few things that we need to address from last week. I have some really great leaders, it's just 3 of thems first time ever helping with Awana so we just have to cover some basic things and then if they have any questions or concerns they can ask me. I had just changed Emma's diaper and was throwing it away. I'd left her on her changing pad (on the living room floor) and Jack decided to "play" with Emma and was pulling her around on her changing pad (yes I know...nothing good comes from a 4 yr old pulling his 12 week old sister around) I hear Emma SCREAMING this horrible high pitched, I'm in pain scream and I go in and she's under our chair and I run in there and I get her head out from under it and notice her right hand isn't coming, I gently tug it and feel it's stuck, I feel more and it's her index finger, it was stuck on a staple. I'm trying to stay as calm as possible. Jack's screaming and I yell for Jacob to come help me. I lift Emma and he lifts the chair (it's on gliders so easy to pull back thankfully) and I have to just pull her tiny little finger off the staple. Tons of blood of course. I was almost in tears, yelled at Jackson who's sobbing, run Emma to the bathroom, wash her finger, get antibiotic ointment and a bandaid and bandage her tiny finger up. I started to nurse her and have Jack climb up with me and he's still just sobbing his little heart out, saying how he's sorry he didn't mean to hurt Emma. We talk about how Emma's not a toy, she's a person and that he could have hurt her even more than she already got hurt. I told him to tell her he was sorry, which he did with crocadile tears running down his little face and he gave her a kiss. When Chad got home we had to put another bandaid on her because she'd bled through the first one, which she screamed through and made Jack cry all over again and this time Jacob got teary eyed as well. They just can't handle their sister being in pain.

All's good in Emma's world now and the boys are good now too. Jack's playing knights in the playroom, Jacob's in the dining room drawing, and Emma's laying on me filling her pants! :)

Oh and today Emma's 12 weeks old. Time has just flown by with her and I wish it wouldn't. I'd love for it to just slow down a little. She's starting to really coo and laugh at us now and although not purposely batting at this (which is how her finger got caught on the staple). She definately loves her Momma too ;)...if someone else is holding her and I'm near by she's leaning towards me, turning her head to find me. I have to say I LOVE IT!!!

Well I need to get into the shower and get dressed for the ballet and need to change Emma as well. I'll probably just have her shower with me! It's just easier that way!
Emma smiling!
Jackson and Jacob being goof balls

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Emily said...

I just thought I'd tell you that I started reading this post at the exact time that the ballet began. :) So I'm praying Emma is peaceful and you are enjoying yourself! As for the recap of today... I'm exhausted from just reading it!!!

Love you.

Kelly said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. So how was the ballet?