Sunday, November 18, 2007

Resting in the Lord

Isn't it easy to get so caught up in life that we forget to just sit up and enjoy the moment? I am guilty of this just as anyone...but when I do remember to just stop, shut up, and be quiet...those moments are so precious. I so often get so busy that I almost miss that these days are fleeting and in a blink of an eye my babies are not going to be babies anymore. Reality is Jacob truly isn't. He's closing in on 7 yrs old and I am not sure how that happened. I'm thankful it has, trust me...having a child captured at an age forever well it sucks. I know ugly word, but it does. It does seem like just yesterday Jacob was born and now here we are over 6 yrs later and he's turned into such a wonderful little boy. Then Jackson. When we moved here to Germany he wasn't even 2 yet...he was CLOSE, but he wasn't yet! Now some how he's turned into this 4 yr old that cracks me up often, makes me feel like I'm going to lose all my hair because of, and has such a tender heart (so got that from me!). Today during church he climbed into my lap and just cuddled with me. He placed his head under my chin and just rested. He knows he has a safe place to go to.

Sitting here this evening thinking about Jack climbing in my lap during church made me think, that's how we should be with Jesus. We should always feel like we can simply crawl into his lap and rest there. So often we get into the busyness (yes..being BUSY) in Christ, that we forget to REST in him. How many of us are attending church, bible study, helping in other area's of church...being it Praise Team/Choir, Children's ministry, etc....being busy in the name of Christ is EASY. My goodness it's so easy! But to be resting in Christ...well that for me is a bigger struggle. I have to truly remind myself to rest in him. That I can just be silent, sit still, close my eyes, focus on him. So often I should be reading his word and just being still, letting his words do the work, letting him do what he will do and me just accepting it, live it, and rest in him. How often do we truly rest in the Lord?

What joy we can have when we just stop doing all the time. I'm not saying not to do things within the church, for Christ, me just the opposite (we need MORE people to be stepping up). But, I know for me how important it is to simply be with the Lord. I don't do it very often. Trust me that's quite humbling to type out, but it's the truth. I must make it a priority to just sit and be still. I need to shut up more, and listen harder.

I have a feeling I'm not alone there.

"Lord, please forgive me for getting so busy "doing" your work, that I forget to be your work. Lord you are my soft place to fall, my safe place to rest. Lord I need to remember that I need to rest in you so that I can be rejuivinated to do your work that you call me to do. There is no greater joy that to be in your presence Lord. I thank you for not only allowing me to share you with others, but that I can simply keep you to myself at times as well. Lord you are oh so Holy and I praise you. In your precious name. Amen"


Kelly said...

and I wouldn't feel so bad if those people that weren't stepping up were out there learning how to rest in our Father's arms. But sadly they are mostly off being busy missing life.


oh my word "having a child captured at an age forever" I just love the way you phrased that. I can't wait to use it!

Scott B. said...

You're not alone.

Brian and Jen said...

Love catching up hearing you talk about the House and PWOC and Bamberg things. Thanks for being open. I'm praying for you.
Blake will be 4 months next week-he was born July 26. When was Emma born?