Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

As I signed in I saw that this is my 200th entry. This isn't my only blog, so the fact that I've written here 200 times is pretty good. When I think of the subjects I've talked about I think the two top ones would most likely be GOD and my family. That's what I'm writing about "again" tonight.

Yesterday was an UGLY, I mean U-G-L-Y day for me and for my boys. The fact is I let Satan in and let him do what he does best...hurt and destroy. I complained about the boys to 3 people. Two friends and Chad when he got online. Then I opened up my email and there I read exactly what I needed to read. God's message to me. Had I rebuked Satan in the name of our Lord and Savior? Had I kicked him out of my home, out of controlling our lives? No I had not. So after I hung up the phone with Emily I was standing and praying. I went into every room of our home and prayed. I prayed over my children as they slept. I felt weak afterwards. God was and is the Ruler of our home and I will not let that change.

The thing is simple, we have enough grief and hardship with Chad deployed with God's love, tenderness, and allowances to see us through the hard times. I can not allow Satan to take control of this deployment. It's not going to happen. Our house belongs to the Lord, Jesus, and only him. This morning I brought the boys into the living room for a talk. We talked about the ugliness of yesterday, apologies were said from both sides, and we moved on. We made a chore chart on Tuesday and it's went well. Our biggest battle was their bedroom. That's what the ugliness was about yesterday. Today we took on a new way of doing things. After lunch they cleaned the room for 30 minutes. It was a challenge for them, to see just how much they could get done in the amount of time they had allowed. They got almost done! Tonight they went back in and cleaned for 30 minutes. Tomorrow, I think just one 30 minute cleaning period will be needed and they'll be done! Once it's clean they'll have to clean just for a few minutes in the afternoon and evening to keep the upkeep. Today the peace in our home was just simply God given. I am so thankful he sent me that article, opened my eyes, and showed me that I can do this without losing my mind! God is absolutely amazing that way.

Psalm 34:14
Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.


Linda said...

AMEN sister....fighting Satan seems to be what I do all day...but if I don't, it's gonna be a LONG summer.

Keep up the fight...keep the door open for God, and the cellar door closed for Satan.

Trisha said...

Hi Christy...

I continue to lift you and your boys up in prayer. I know that you all are going through a major adjustmant. My husband is leaving two weeks from Saturday...or so we think...could be earlier. I am nervous about his departure, but I know with all that I am that this too shall pass. I will continue to pray for you all...I am praying for Chad's safety and protection, as well. I agree...there is no room for Satan. Glory be to God for all things good and for His steadfast hold on all of us. He will protect and He will carry you all.

God bless you and your awesome family. Thank you for the lesson in your post...I am certain I, too, will need this reminder in the months ahead. Jeff has to leave us for 12-14 months...he will be living in Baghdad at the Embassy. Thank you again for your guidance.

San Diego

Patrick, Michelle and Corey said...

Hi Christy! You have a wonderful blog going here! God is using you in your family! You have been through a lot, but I can tell that you have trusted God in all of it.

I am really pretty new to blogging myself, but thanks for visiting mine!

Please go check out . It is a great group that just went non-profit! I am a moderator on the message board and there are exciting plans in the future for this group.