Sunday, June 22, 2008


Marks 1 year since my best friend, Emily gave birth to a beautiful, precious, amazing little girl... Miller Grace (Miller Grace is her FIRST name it's not Miller being first name and Grace middle name, it's Miller Grace...kind of like one word, but it's not! Sorry some people seem to get confused about that). Anyways tomorrow Miller Grace is 1 yr old. Miller Grace was not meant to live in this world, but God graced us for 5 precious days. I wish I could say that I held her, touched her, seen her in person, but I was here in Germany praying that God would show us a miracle, he did it just wasn't the miracle so many of us had hoped for. The fact is, Miller Grace was MEANT to live 5 days and they are the most life changing days of Emily's life. I may have never held that beautiful little girl in my arms, but I love her just the same, and I love Emily. Please be in prayer for Emily tomorrow as they mark the day that Miller Grace was born, the day Emily saw the face of her beautiful daughter for the first time. Pray for her husband Matt and their other two little girls Hope and Matilyn. Pray for them throughout this week.
Emily, I love you and I am praying tomorrow is gentle for you. You know I love you and love Miller Grace and oh how I look forward to the day that you and I get to hold our girls in our arms again.


Emily said...

I love you, sweet friend.