Monday, September 29, 2008

A Nation in Crisis

My friend Linda's church is doing this and she blogged about it here. Well I'm taking on this challenge, because like Linda this has been on my heart to do. So will you join me in praying for our nation and our leaders. If you are a Christian we are already called to pray for our leaders, whether we like them or agree with them or not. Here is what Linda wrote:

A Nation in Crisis...

and what we can do about it. It's called Intercessory Prayer.

I've committed, with my church, to "30 Days of Prayer for America". While reading De'Etta's blog
Choosing Joy, she talked about how she was feeling led to pray for our country. So I am taking the plunge and sharing 30 Days of Prayer for America" with you. For the next 30 days, we are called to pray for our nation...state by state, leader by leader. Here's what the flier says:


We're going on an unforgettable journey...

30 Days of Prayer For America

For 30 memorable days, we're going to pray across America. Through the instant access of intercession we will visit every state, every territory, and our nations capital, Washington, DC. Our guide on this unforgettable journey is the Prayer Map of America, a unique resource with an easy-to-follow, day-by-day itinerary.

2008 is a crucial year for America - a year of challenges and, of course, a year of decisions. Of all the things we can do for our country at this historic time, nothing is more important than prayer. If we truly want God to bless America - to stand beside her and guide her - we must pray.

The strategy is simple: Each day for the specifed 30 Days of Prayer for America we will take just a few minutes to pray for that day's requests. There are only two requests per day, so it won't take much time, but it will make a huge impact. The unified effect of believers praying can awaken our nation, renew our church and spiritually transform our lives. This is going to be a great journey. Don't miss it!


Now - since there's no way I can truly provide you a copy of the map, I will post each day's request here. If you have a map at home, you can find the states you are praying for, and visually connect with them. But even if you don't have a map handy, you can take a few minutes to pray the requests of each day.


Whenever you come to a request for a specific state or territory in the daily list, remember these priorities:

Pray for the leaders of the state, that God's Spirit would guide them to act justly, serve with integrity and uphold high moral standards.

Pray for the churches of the state, that they would be lighthouses of truth, havens of hope, and centers of love for all people.

Pray for the Christians of the state, that they would be faithful witnesses for Christ, humble servants of God, and positive influences on society

Over the course of the 30-day prayer plan, six national-level requests are each repeated 3 times. These address the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our government. Additionally, there are prayers for our Armed Forces, for America's spiritual renewal, and for candidates for public office. As you remember these requests over the 30 days of prayer, keep in mind the following important details:

Praying for our President and Vice President. They bear responsibilities of enormous importance. Pray that their hearts would be guided by God, that their decisions would be wise, and that their leadership would be principled.

Praying for our Congressional Leaders. The hundreds of men and women who serve in the U.S. Congress - our Representatives and Senators - oversee the nation's legislative business. Pray that they will govern with God-honoring discernment and preserve the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Praying for our Justice System. Ours is a nation pledged to justice for all; and though our systems has its imperfections, it is markedly better than most of the world. Millions in our society serve as police officers, prosecutors, defenders and judges. And, in the highest roles, nine individuals serve as Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. Pray that all of these public servants will be vigilant, discerning and wise.

Praying for our Armed Forces. We are blessed with liberty because brave members of our Armed Forces have fought to keep us free. Today, a new generation of soldiers, sailors, marines airmen and guardsmen are serving gallantly, and we are the beneficiaries. Pray with appreciation for their service, and ask God to bless them with strength.

Praying for Spiritual Renewal. America has many needs, but none more important than a spiritual awakening and a spiritual renewal. Pray for the Gospel to be communicated across the full spectrum of our society. Pray for biblical principles, long dormant, to bear new fruit. Pray that Americans of all ages, races and backgrounds would be drawn to God and receive His life and salvation.

Praying for Candidates for Public Office. In our system of government, we the people select our leaders. This is a great responsibility and we must exercise it wisely and prayerfully. Pray for the candidates for public office, that they would be moved by God to seek what is honorable, just and moral.


Listed on most days of the 30-day prayer plan are the names of specific U.S. states or territories. The goal each day is to pray for the leaders, churches and Christians in those places. Following are some key thoughts to guide your intercession.

Praying for Leaders in the State. The Bible instructs us to make requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving for all who are in authority, "that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty" (1 Timothy 2:1-2). In our world, this means we are to pray for Governors, Lieutenant Governors and other leaders in authority. Specifically, we should pray that they would act justly, that they would serve with integrity, and that they would uphold moral standards.

Praying for Churches in the State. Churches, of course, are not merely buildings; they are living, active bodies of believers. America is blessed with more than 300,000 churches of all denominations and traditions. As you intercede for these churches, both generally and specifically, pray that they would be lighthouses of truth, havens of hope and centers of love.

Praying for Christians in the State. Jesus said that His followers are to be "salt" and "light" within society. Like salt, they should make others thirsty for the Gospel. Like light, they are to illuminate with the brightness of Christ's love. As you intercede for Christians state-by-state, pray that they will be faithful witnesses of the Gospel, humble servants of Christ, and positive influences within their communities.

Does prayer really make a difference? Yes, it makes an extraordinary difference because God in His unlimited compassion responds to prayer offered in His name. As God's children and followers of Jesus Christ, we must urgently, faithfully pray for our nation and its people. Prayer can affect the course of history and shape the destiny of a nation. As you pray day by day following the plan in the Prayer Map of America you can be sure that your intercession can make a transformational difference.


So...who's with me in this journey? If you've made it this far, I know you will follow the prayers (and nudge me gently if I forget to post!). I know that you will pray, because you took the time to read all of this. And please, feel free to link to this, or copy and paste it on your blog...if you just read blogs but aren't a blogger, share this through email with those who will pray and make a difference.This is stepping far outside my comfort zone - I'm a Christ-follower, a Christian, a believer...I don't hide that fact...but rarely do I put it out for all the world to see. I may lose readers over this, but it is my strong belief and prayer that others who never read this blog will stick around for the next 30 days and pray for our nation with me.The first prayer will be posted tomorrow.


Ok, Christy here again. All the above text that started from "A Nation In Crisis" I copy and pasted from Linda's blog. I hope you will join us in praying for our nation and leaders. Right now there are so many that can be "blamed" by the fact is blaming is NOT fixing a thing, prayer can and prayer will. God already knows what is going on, let him HEAR all of us crying out for this country that he has allowed us to be a part of. God HAS most definately blessed our nation and we are NOT worthy of his blessings, but no matter what he hears us and he can't answer us if we don't ask!

I want to say to Linda, I'm so proud of you for again stepping outside of your comfort zone and posting this! God see's this my friend and knows. I love you!


Linda said...

Thanks Christy...for posting this, for supporting me in this, for doing this with me, and for the wonderful message at the end of this post!

Corie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It encouraged me so much to hear your words to me and what you have gone through. I am so sorry about your sweet girl. It really does help to hear from those who have walked the path of grief...not that it necessarily ends. I guess it is more a path of suffereing. Whatever you want to call it. I know it is all different for everyone, but it sure is nice to hear from those who understand...especially from a sister in Christ who is trying to honor the Lord in our path to eternity. You are strong and brave.

I will be praying for you and your family. I have had such a burden for the military during this season of my life. I think having gone through this time of my life of life has never had anything like this mind goes to those who are fightening for our country and will always have the memories of the things they saw. I pray for you as a wife who has to keep the family together hear and also for your husband who is serving our country so we can have freedom. Thank you for sharing the story of your very brave family. I look forward to reading more. With love in Christ!