Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello All the new "bloggers"

Well for those who are not regular posters to AOL J'land, you may not know this, but AOL is closing down their journals (blogs) and a new influx of bloggers is joining in over here and various other blog spots.

I hope you'll read my previous post and pray with me and others for our nation for the next 30 days. Scroll down and read "Nation in Crisis" and see what we're doing and how it came about!

God Bless


Missie said...

You're journal set up is beautiful. How did you get that setup? I'm at blogger now too.

Linda said...

I can't figure out how to subscribe to your journal. I have seen where people have followers but i don't see that on yours. Please send me links on how to get the cool back grounds and music please! I love your journal! Linda

Happy Being Me said...

As always your site are so beautiful and full hope and truth. I've enjoyed your reads because their real.
Take care and may GOD continue blessing you and yours,

Happy Being Me said...

Thanks I appreciate the offer. Take care and I shall return.

Slacker Mom said...

Hey girl.....

Here's my NEW Blogger place.


I'm busy trying to gather OLD AOL stuff over to the new home....be under construction for a while. Ya know? I could NEVER get the music to work on my other blogger blog. Don't know why.


..... said...

Hello. I first stumbled upon your AOL Journal a few years ago.
I am new here and it is so nice to see a familiar face.
Angel =0)

D said...

glad I gotcha... love the picture on top... gonna be yelling for help real soon. Like music.. all that good stuff