Thursday, July 30, 2009

I know I have to still write about our trip to France. It was wonderful and I took over 500 pictures, so I'm sorting, editing, and deciding what to share! Today has been and will be a busy day. I had a PWOC board meeting today, which was great. We got everything talked about and shared many laughs, and even one thing I didn't think would be possible happened today. I needed to purchase tarts (like candles sort of) to give as a gift, and didn't think there was time for it to be paid for, but it was! Awesome huh?! I meet with the Chaplain's assistant at 2 pm to get my tarts to had out as a love gift for our deployed spouses. As soon as that's done, our family will be heading to my dear friend Jen's house, which is 30 minutes away. She's having a birthday party for 2 of her girls (she has 6 AMAZING children and she see's her children as BLESSINGS). Chad went to Powerzone (our electronics store through AAFES) to measure tv's and get an idea of what he wants. I told him to get a new flat screen tv, as far as I know he is not buying it today. He is then taking the boys to get the vaccination they each need, then to sign Jack up for soccer and Jacob up for football. Chad will be coaching both of them! Yes, he's going to be one busy man!

Besides all the "busy" stuff, spiritually GOD's been all over me. It's amazing to see him and how he's working, and frustrating to see Satan come in and try to stop things. I am reminded though that when Satan tries to butt in, that I'm following GOD's will for me. One of the things I did a couple months ago in listening and obeying is that I suggested a bible study for PWOC for this fall or spring session. Well we're doing it and I'm facilitating it this fall! It's Beth Moore's Esther! I got my leader's kit yesterday and just dug in! Read through my leaders hand book (front to back! LOL), and started in on the actual study itself. I haven't watched the dvd yet, that will come tonight or tomorrow. A few ladies who know about the study are already telling me they want to be in the class, which is exciting to me. To know that GOD once again will be using Beth Moore to bless me, by sharing his word and getting me to see his word in possibly a whole new light, to make me dig deep into his word and really grow an even more intimate relationship with our Lord.

I will be giving another devotion in 2 weeks. I don't have a clue what I'll be talking about, but yesterday heard GOD telling me that it was time to get back up there in front of these women and share his message, so I'm obeying and know that what ever it is he wants me to share, I'll do it and all for HIS glory.

Have a blessed day!


He & Me + 3 said...

Glad you are back and checking in. I missed your july 20th post because that was my birthday. I was away from the computer all day. Sorry.
Can't wait to see pictures from the trip.
So cool that Chad will be able to coach both teams. Agent will be coaching Stunt Mans tball team on Saturdays. They are both so excited.

Amanda said...

I am doing Ester right now!! I only have 2 weeks left. I tell you Christy, you are going to really like it. Week 3's video is going to make your toes curl its so good. Well. Maybe not your toes. But its good.

I am praying for you!!!

God bless~