Monday, July 06, 2009

Not Me Monday

Today was not a better day, and I was not in a better mood over all.

Chad did not come home today and then take the boys canoeing , and they did not have a wonderful time!

I did not enjoy having a girls only day and remember how easy it is with just one child! LOL

When Chad came home I did not hurry and get ready and go out ALONE 100% ALONE to see a movie, The Proposal. I did not really like it!!

I most definitely did not enjoy my quiet walk home from the movie!

I am not sick and tired of all the Michael Jackson love fest. I do not think he was a pervert and think people have lost their minds in making him into a saint. I do not literally gag at times when I see the stuff. I surely do not change the tv channel as quickly as possible.

I was not up until 5 AM last night because I could not sleep and did not end up watching a
movie called "Dad" with Ted Danson and did not cry a few times.

I am not ready for Chad to start block leave, so we can start cleaning and rearranging!

I do not smell cigerette smoke right now and am not gagging. I do NOT HATE smoking and really do not mind the fact that I have to ingest their cancer causing agents.

I am NOT excited that I have lost 15 lbs so far, many more to go, but hey I'm not proud of myself for this nice start!!

I am not slightly concered about what we'll be eating while driving across France, since I've heard that on a moderate budget the food is NOT good (a country that's food is, you get what you pay for...yikes~!)

I am not excited to go to Normandy, to experience the beauty and the history. To share with the boys what Normandy means. To explore the rest of the area as well.


a corgi said...

I am not glad you lost 15 pounds and not glad you enjoyed your alone time at the movie

I'm so thankful the Lord answered prayers; so thank you Lord!


LYN said...


Amy said...

You are going to LOVE Normandy. I'm assuming you are going to the DDay beaches? They are beautiful.

Ms.Emily said...

good to see a post from you!

great job with the weightloss!

Bri said...

15 pounds Christy, that is NOT fantastic! That in itself is not a reason to celebrate! ;) I am not excited to see pics of your trip in a few weeks, since I am not stuck stateside living vivaciously through you! ;)

Janis said...

Awesome job with the weight loss -

Good Not - me's I got fooled by your first one and was concerned until I figured out is was a "not me" post!

God Bless

Laura said...

I love these posts... you're too funny!!

Missie said...

I love the not me monday entries some of you are doing. I might have to join in.

Congrats on the 15 pound weight loss!

Amanda said...

Did you say FIFTEEN pounds?? thats AWESOME. You rock.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with you on the MJ thing... I keep telling people, "if someone molested your kid, how would you feel turning on the TV only to hear people saying hes the greatest icon of all time and how wonderful he is?" Blech. Sick. Gross.

I have been wanting to say this for awhile now....

I truly believe he's burning in hell.

For a good reason.

And on that note... God bless! :)

Angela said...

We live in an apartment complex and I really hate when people gather outside in the parking lot near our bedroom window and smoke. Ugh!