Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hand over the mouth

Those who know me and I mean REALLY know me, you know I speak my mind and sometimes I speak before I think. Last night was one of those experiences and all I can do now is pray that GOD will place his hand over my mouth, grab me up and shake the daylights out of me so I can hear him tell me "quiet". Seriously I can preach a good sermon, but I sure can't seem to take my own advice. Why can't I just keep it shut sometimes and let things be. So will you pray for and with me. Pray that I will stop, pray, and then if GOD is leading me do or don't do. Will you pray that my actions and words do not have a negative effect on someone I love so much I can't even bare the thought of hurting him. I'm so angry at myself and so remorseful I can't even tell you how much. I just have to wait and see what comes of my own arrogance.


Amanda said...

Girl... I am the SAME way. I have been praying for this exact same thing... I just had a relationship end completely because I could not filter myself. (one of the reasons) and man does it hurt. I will be praying for you sweet girl!


He & Me + 3 said...

My word for this year is silence. I am not good at being silent. I struggle too. I will pray for you.

BARB said...

Dear one, it is hard for us to be quiet sometimes. It happens to the best of us. I have learned the hard way to control my tongue. I had to pray and ask God to teach me to think before speaking; to ask myself 1- Is this necessary?
2- Will it bless this person or hurt them?
3- Will what I say reflect the Lord rightly, or not?
Know You will be in my prayers. Know too that God can help you in this ares. I know you know that, so I'm just reminding you. It helps sometimes. Much love and big hugs too.