Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hurt Feelings

We've all had them at least a few times in our life. I feel like I've sucked it up more over the years, but there are still times when it's just a reality of life that my feelings get hurt. I thought I'd share a few things that hurt my feelings.

When a friend says she'll call me that day/later and then doesn't.
When friends who live in the same place as you talk about how they and other mutual friends are getting together and never think to invite you.
When my husband snaps at me when I ask a question, and actually have no attitude when asking it.
When I find I spend my day holding the baby all day, not able to accomplish much if anything and then hubby coming home and you can see it in his eyes that he thinks you've simply been lazy, and just done nothing.
When my husband promises me he'll do a specific task and because he's helping others doesn't ever get to doing the task that he promised he'd do.
When my child prefers his/her Daddy over me/Mommy.

I know most are ridiculous, actually all of them are. They are things I just need to suck it up and get over. Yet when you have your feelings hurt, it hurts. I try hard to turn those hurt feelings and all the pettiness over to GOD. I also know I am not always very good at doing it timely. I find instead that I sit and dwell on it for a bit first. I hope that one of these days I get over being so childish/petty. That I toughen up even more and get thicker skin.


That corgi :) said...

(((Christy))) I understand where you are coming from and I have been in similar situations. I have learned to try to let it go sooner than later because I don't want to set up a wall of bitterness of my part. I'm remembering God sees all and he will judge accordingly; I also try to remember what Jesus went through for me and how he was ridiculed and scorned, mocked and despised tortured and crucified for something he didn't do,and if he can lovingly forgive people, I should try to do the same when I'm hurting. But it still is hard, I understand that. hugs to you; I think you are trying your best to take the high road in situations where you are hurt


Donna said...

I don't think your feelings are ridiculous at all. We all go through the same feelings from time to time. I had my feelings hurt pretty badly the other day. It's no fun! Just remeber that you are God's creation, and He cares about every feeling you have, and I would suggest to you to read in His words what He thinks about you. Hang in there. Feelings come and go, but His word is everlasting.

Praying for a better day,

He & Me + 3 said...

Girly I know what you mean. I let things eat at me and bother me way too much. I take too many things way to personal. This post was good for me to read. I need to toughen up too.

Linda said...

those are legitimate hurts, Christy. As military wives, we learn to grow thick skins, but sometimes, it's just HARD.

Some of my "hurts" include:

When you're new to a community/church/post and everyone seems as though they've been together forever and just don't bother with you. They forget that you're new and think you can handle it; hey, you're a military wife after all.

When you ask your husband to do something (or not to do something) because it makes more work for you, and he tells you he won't change because it's more convenient for HIM.

When you make plans to do something and your husband tells you that he "has" to go to the field or TDY...and later you find out he VOLUNTEERED to go.

When your husband treats you like his soldiers instead of his spouse.

When someone comes up to you (at church) and says, "Oh, I didn't realize that XXX was YOUR child. He really needs some discipline, you know." (REALLY? You think I don't know that???). Though for people like that, I say, "Hey, I have to deal with it 24/7, you got an hour. Thank you for an hour break in my misery."

We all have hurts. Letting them go isn't easy, but if we learn to give them to God, it's a start.

Missie said...

We've all felt that way! I've gotten really good at letting it all go. Sending you a hug.