Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Here we go.....

Tomorrow Noah will be 3 weeks old. I can't believe he'll be 3 weeks already. He's baby #5 and honestly I love him as much as our first, I just have a better idea of what's going on most of the time! Chad's been on leave since I had him, but tomorrow he's going back to work. He was supposed to be off the rest of this week, but they need him back and his boss asked him to return, and he has a great Plt. Sgt who's over him and Chad respects him a great deal so he's going. I honestly wish he could stay home for the rest of the week, but oh well. I'm going to PWOC for the first time since having Noah. I'm on the board once again, I'm the Prayer leader, which is such a full circle position for me. When we first moved here almost 5 years ago, just the thought of praying out loud literally made me sick to my stomach. I felt inadequate, was scared of tripping over my words, and honestly scared of being judged for sounding stupid and not eloquent like it seemed everyone else did! Then GOD convicted my vain self! Praying out loud is not about me. Let me say that again, it's NOT ABOUT ME! It wasn't about any of my sisters. It wasn't about tripping over my words. It's all about HIM! It's about Praising GOD, about Seeking HIM, Humbling myself at HIS feet! It's not about me, it's all about HIM! Whew, that was a lesson to learn. GOD calls us all to leave our comfort zones and depend on HIM. He wants us to step outside of our comfort zones and stop making it about ourselves, and start making it about him and then praise him when he allows us to succeed or not! Praying out loud was a slow start for me, I started doing it with only a few people, got comfortable in that setting and went to a larger one, until I felt GOD urging me to pray in front of our whole PWOC body (aprox 40 to 50 women). At this point it's not a nervous issue, it's still so humbling to me to see where GOD's taken me in this particular area, and that he's constantly working on me in other area's that I cling to out of fear and have not given over to him fully. I believe with all my heart that he does that with all of us. He's calling us to step outside our comfortable place and let go and let GOD!
I'm excited about tomorrow, to officially stand in front of the ladies and praise our Lord! To share his word, and pray for our ladies in an official capacity.

With that....it's 4 minutes to midnight, my sweet Noah is waking up and ready to nurse and have a diaper change and I need to get some sleep, we have a big day ahead of us since we'll be going out it just me and the kiddo's! I think it's going to be a good day!

Oh and just a little shout out.....Happy Birthday Emily....I love you girl!


Emily said...

Yay! You're doing great. He's growing fast! And my birthday was a blast. :)

Missie said...

Time flies! Before we know it, you'll be posting pictures of his first birthday. LOL