Saturday, January 15, 2011


I don't blog a lot about our homeschooling adventures, but thought I'd share a bit! School is half way over this year, wow! It's flying by. Jacob's in 4th grade. He's always been a very independent learner, that continues. He's been busy doing a great deal of research, projects, and tons and tons of reading. He loves art and is very talented in drawing and well pretty well anything he puts his mind to. Jackson is not an independent learner, although he's wanting to be more and more and so we're working on encouraging that. Jack is 7 and reading has not been one thing that he's been strong at, but that's not unusual with boys and here's the great thing...on Wednesday he read a book completely on his own! So progress and success are there! He's great at math, loves his bible lessons, it excellent at memorizing bible verses, enjoys math and history. Jack is also showing that he's talented in drawing. I should state that they get that all from their Dad and not a bit from me at all. He also loves to sing and most notably writing his own songs. They're all praise songs to our Lord and they're all long! LOL No seriously i don't know if he's sung us one that's less than 10 minutes! Hehe!! But we love it and are so thankful that his heart is to sing and praise Jesus!!!
This year we're using Alpha Omega Lifepacs and just love,love,love it!!! I highly recommend it! If you're new to homeschooling or wanting a change, we have been so happy with this curiculum this year! If you're searching for a God centered curriculum. If you want one that makes your kids excited and will challenge them, this is a great one. (No I don't get paid, but I do get asked what you use a lot and why we chose AOP). One of our favorite parts is that each subject has 10 small books, so they're easy to take with you when you're out and about, heading somewhere besides being home! ;) It's been perfect especially for Jackson, because looking at books that are thick/long are overwhelming to him, so as he finishes up one he gets excited and can see his accomplishments easily! Jacob said it makes me him feel like he doesn't have so much to do he just keeps focused on the book he's working on vs worrying about what's still ahead! Ok...done with that! LOL

It's really been a great school year and has been a blessing to see both the boys grow in their knowledge and abilities. I'm so thankful that God placed it on our hearts to homeschool our kids.
Emma is also loving doing her "school" work. She likes to sit and write, trace her name, color, be read to and to "read" to us. She loves counting everything, singing, and telling stories (ones she's made up).

I have had people ask how we do it with Noah. Well, he's such an easy going, happy baby that for the most part he makes schooling his siblings easy! He is still a baby so there are days that he simply wants to be the center of attention, and the beauty of hom schooling is there is flexibility! We just roll with things. I'm a pretty flexibile person in general.

God's been so generous to our family in making this possible. He called us to it and he's made it possible the whole time. It doesn't take patience, it doesn't take a masters degree, it only takes dedication and GOD's calling on your family.


Becky said...

I am always in awe of families who can homeschool. Homework is hard enough for me to deal with!

Amanda said...

SO glad to hear a happy and positive and absolutely glowing report... its an encouragement!! I am off to check out the curriculum... we start Colton in the fall!

Jill said...

i've been thinking about homeschooling. my son is 16 months and I still have a little time to decide :)

Jill said...

oh here's a response you your comment :)

yep, we stopped pop. TOUGH!! LoL..
and ZUMBA! oh i'm so excited, we are getting zumba for our kinect. right now we have kinect fit or something called that. zen yoga and cardio...but zumba will be a blast! i can't wait!

thank you so much for visiting!

Joanne Coddington said...

Christy, I just think you're an amazing mother and just an amazing person in general. God did not give me that same calling, my children are meant to be in public school, but I stand in awe of the moms who are called to home school their children and do such a good job doing it.