Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday Chad and I went to see his surgeon from his accident in August (for new readers, my husband, Chad was in a very serious roll over accident in a soft top humvee that could have easily paralyzed or killed him). He had xrays done and he's completely healed up! He'll have the rods removed from his shoulder and spine in December most likely. He told him any time between June and December, but because he's being released and all restrictions are now lifted, Chad will be deploying. We don't have a date yet, but his unit is already down range and have been there for a few months, so once he's ready he'll be heading down to join his unit.
We both have peace over this and know that nothing is outside of God's will and we trust him. So deployment #6 is now looming in our near future.
We praise GOD that he healed Chad's body so completely and fully and that he's physically able to safely deploy. We are thankful for the drs, nurses, and physical therapists that God has placed in our lives over the last 7 months to help his body heal properly. It's truly amazing how Great our Great physician is and the progress he's allowed with modern medicine!
So now it's time to get ready to go back at parenting on my own again with distant "help"/"coparenting" from Afganistan. I'm not looking forward to that part at all, but again trusting God to help me. I will definitely be facilitating local/trust worthy teens to baby sit so this Momma can keep her sanity, taking up friends offers for childcare, playdates, an evening out, etc.
I'm already planning on taking the kids down to Italy this summer if I can get us a cabin. I'd like to stay down there a full 7 nights and just truly relax and enjoy ourselves, enjoy the beach, grilling, eating good Italian pizza and other dishes, and making memories and going to Florence and probably another stop over at Pisa (since we didn't have Noah last time), I'm also thinking of bringing either another adult friend with me or bringing along a teenage helper which could be a win-win for both of me extra hands and her some time on the beach! ;)

I'm now off to bed, Zumba kicked my butt tonight. I haven't been in 2 weeks after being sick the last 2 weeks. So time for some reading and shut eye.

God Bless


CntryMomma said...

So happy to hear how well Chad has healed. God is good!

Itay! Wow! Sounds divine! Have fun!

Has Flat Stanley made over to you yet? :D

That corgi :) said...

Thankful that Chad has healed and is able to get back to doing what he does like to do. I know these deployments are hard on both of you Christy, but I think you have a great plan in place to get help and to accept help. I think a teen would enjoy accompanying you on trips and help out plus get a few "free hours" to themselves on the beach; great idea there!!

Let me know when he does deploy as I would like to write to him during the deployment. Now that we moved, there will be more interesting things to share I would imagine other than writing always about Koda :)

you will be in my prayers with the deployment


Jennifer Bowen said...

Stopping by from MSB Community. Nice to find another homeschooling military spouse in Germany. =)