Tuesday, March 08, 2011

little of this a little of that

Before braces (in the ortho's chair)

After/With Braces
Well Jacob has braces now, he got 6 on the top, which will remain for 6 months, they'll remove them and he'll have a retainer until he's lost enough baby teeth to continue on with the process. He was in pain for the first couple of days, but since he's not complained. He's adjusting to not being allowed certain foods, but he's not doing bad and hasn't complained.

I'm not sure if I shared that my baby, Noah is 9 months old now, actually 9 1/2 months. How quickly it's gone by. He's cruising the furniture, it's a crawling pro, and he loves to get into anything and everything!! He's also the absolute cutest thing in the entire world! He's a tad bit adored. He LOVES his brothers and sister (but looooves his bubbas). He's such a happy little guy and a big little lover! He brings so much joy and laughter into our home!

Could he be any cuter??!! He has a little bruise on his head from falling one day (hey it happens).

Jackson's doing great in his advancements with reading. It's been a challenge, until recently and now he's reading more and more, gaining more and more confidence in this new found ability! School has become so much easier with him and far less frustrating! Whew! The kid can memorize like no one's business as well. His favorite thing to do though....just play and be a boy! He's loving being in Cub Scouts. He's in the Wolf pack and is excited for Wednesday's to come, when he gets to go to his meeting! This Thursday is the boys Den meeting and they'll be getting their cars for the Pine Wood Derby! Both are excited, but Jackson's REALLY excited! It's seriously so cute!!

Jackson in downtown Idar-Oberstein

Emma, oh Emma. She recently started ballet and looooves it! I have to go this week and get her, her leotard,tutu, and ballet shoes. She is having fun and has no interest in playing sports right now, which I don't mind...one less thing to run to! She's too smart for her own good I swear. In love with Noah, loves her two older brothers, Daddy, and is still a big momma's girl! She's such a funny girl and seriously loves being the center of attention, which can come out as a little bit of jealousy when that attention is being giving to Noah at times. But you know she's a sweet girl, a little sassy at times, and keeps us on our toes and laughing often!
I'm going to write another post later about our past weekend. We went to see my friend Kandice who lives up by Ramstein. While there we went over to Idar-Oberstein (the pictures of Jack and Emma were taken there). We lived just above IO when Jordyn was alive. I will leave it at that, until later.


CntryMomma said...

Do you think ballet will hold Emma's attention??? LMBO Maybe she needs something more fast past, more sassy, like ... oh, I dunno ... JAZZ. tee hee (Ok, yes. I'm a little bias. LOL)


Update my linkie, Sista. I'm lonely over in my new digs. :o(


Happy Being Me said...

Speaking of time flying by. The last I knew Emma was just a bink and now you have Noah. What a beautiful family you've been blessed with. May GOD continue to bless you and yours always, Take care and enjoy!

That corgi :) said...

how cute with Emma and ballet!! sounds like a great thing for her to do!! Glad the braces are going well! Noah is so cute; I can't believe he's almost a year old!


Jennifer said...

Hi sorry I didn’t chat with you when I first started on my blog in 2010…I sort of let it go this past summer and now I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things…I look forward to chatting and keeping up with your blog… Jennifer ;)