Thursday, March 21, 2013


We got Skittles on our Emma's 4th birthday. A friend of ours gave her to Emma for her birthday (she'd gotten her when she was 7 months pregnant and deemed she was just too much for her, with a newborn and living on a 3rd floor apartment, and active duty army). I had become a person who did not even like dogs, because of our other dog, Bentley, although Skittles was so cute and sweet and just got into my heart. The last 2 years we've loved this little dog, as she would cuddle up on my lap every change she had, as Chad and I somehow became "those people" who allowed their dog to sleep with them, and she was a lead butt once she was asleep (we could not move the blankets once she was on them). If she didn't sleep with us, she slept with Jacob. Quite often in the evenings she'd go into his room and curl up on his bed. She also liked to go under my chair and curl up. She'd finally started liking and playing with our other two dogs (Alley and Lucky after HATING them for a while).

This evening after Chad came home, he saw her running into the house, when she got inside, Jacob noticed that she was bleeding. We noticed what we guessed was a hole and her breathing was labored. I screamed for Chad and he and Jacob rushed her to the vet, but she died before they made it. The vet said her lung was punctured. The vet guesses that it was a sharp, long wire or something like that.

I am just truly so sad. Pray for our family, we're all grieving and sad. It's nothing like the loss of Jordyn or any person for that matter, but she was part of our family and we're hurting and sad.



Cheryl said...

She was a beautiful dog! What precious pictures that you posted...

I think that once you have lost a child, any loss is made worse after that. I am so sorry for your loss.

I am not an animal person. We have not allowed our seven children to have animals since our oldest was one year old (she will be 21 in April). Finally we gave in and got hamsters last September (2012).

I woke up last week to find one of them dead :( I have cried more over that hamster than I ever thought I would. I loved the hamster. Just shared that story to let you know that I have some understanding of what you might be feeling, although I know it is not the same.

I hope that you find some comfort and peace in the Prince of Peace.

Love and hugs!