Friday, May 10, 2013


 I've never been much of a "trends" kind of girl, be it fashion, music, etc. I don't think I'm one that people would say "she goes by the beat of her own drum", but what I do, do is go by what I feel feels right, what I pray lines up with the Lord, and what's best for my family.

The trend I've seen the last week is something that really, really disturbs me and I find just sad. That trend? Dishonoring Mother's Day. Okay, now before you think I'm heartless to the childless, the grieving (um...HELLO), to those who are struggling with infertility, let me tell you now I'm not. My heart BREAKS for the woman, whose one constant prayer and heartbreak is not being a mother, who aches for the child that's yet to fill her arms. I do not know how that feels. With that though, I have been the Momma who on Mother's Day, on her 2nd Mother's Day had empty arms, because only 2 days prior I buried my daughter and THIS year, THIS Mother's Day, May 12, 2013 is the 13th anniversary of when I buried Jordyn. This is a sacred day for this momma, so my heart is there. What I see though in blog after blog is "don't throw it in non-mom's faces" "be careful when celebrating Mother's Day at church, when out to eat, when shopping". I'm sorry, but NO. We should be celebrating Mom's. GOD created Mommas and we should honor that gift. I am not saying screaming and carrying on here, I'm saying there is absolutely nothing more loving than our CHURCH body standing up and saying "Mommas you are loved, you are remembered, and today we're remembering you." I can tell you that every time Chad was deployed and missed Mother's Day, if it had not been for our church, the day would have passed as any other Sunday. Now I do not need gifts, but I'd be lying if I said I do not LOVE me some homemade cards and my kids greeting me with "Happy Mother's Day, we love you". I love it. Call me self-centered if you will, but it's honest. I am humbled and honored that after Jordyn died, the Lord has seen it fit to allow me to be a mom to 5 more children. I love being a mom. I am so thankful.

I want to encourage all of you to of course be gentle and loving to your friends and loved ones whose arms are empty, but do NOT be afraid to celebrate the Mother's in your lives, to hug your friend who just had a new baby, or the grandma in your church who doesn't get to see her children or grandchildren often and let her know she's special and she's remembered.

You know so often mom's feel under-valued, so often they don't feel like they're really contributing to society, they feel lonely, that what they do really isn't that important or that big of a deal. It IS just the opposite, and I'm one who often devalues my role as a mother, but then the Lord reminds me sometimes gently and sometimes with a great big shake...that this is the role he created me for. That I'm here to mother these amazing people and if he sees my value, who am I not to?

I beg you to love on the mother's in  your life and if that's also you, then don't feel guilted by this new trend of  attempting to make you feel guilty that you are going to be celebrated and appreciated on Sunday. Instead thank the Lord for the blessing of being a mother, that you have blessings that want to make you pasta necklaces, dandelion bouquets, and homemade cards. You are beautiful, you are doing a hard job, and you are appreciated.


Tracia333 said...

Amen! It's getting to a point that you can't celebrate anything anymore for fear of hurting someone elses feelings. Enjoy being a mom! I know I love it so Happy Mothers day!