Sunday, October 20, 2013


I just returned from a weekend away. I was a whopping 11 miles from home, yet felt 100 miles away in so many aspects. I don't like leaving my children and family in general. This is my place, my heart. Oh but the Lord knows so much better than me. He reminded me how much I needed this retreat, how much I needed a break. He reminded me just how much I need Him and only Him. Am I willing to leave everything and follow Him? Yes, I am. Do I believe he'd ever call me to just abandon my children, not at all. He just wants to know that I would. To those who don't believe, that may seem crazy and extremely confusing, but for a believer we have to be all in. We don't and can not be half way in, with our walk with the Lord. Do you believe or not? Do you fully trust Him or not? We are all called Christ's bride. Do we leave the old and step into the new? We can renew our vows to Him every single day. We drop the sins away, and let his love take us.
I needed this weekend. I needed to be surrounded by my sisters in Christ. I needed to soak in the Lord, in prayer, in worship, in His complete and astounding AWESOMENESS!
I am so thankful, that even if I feel far away from God, I know that HE is not far from me. He loves me, beyond all measures that I could ever imagine!
I'm refreshed and renewed.

Now off to be mom and wife and start cleaning up the house from a weekend of Momma being gone! ;)