Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Respecting Someone's Words

I am a little upset as well as humbled. I got a call from our FRSA this morning saying that she read something I had written and that it was beautiful titled "Memorial", it's the entry I wrote about the last soldier from our unit who was killed (on 9-11). Someone who is either new to my journal/blog or who's been here for a while took my entry and posted it elsewhere. My name is not anywhere on it and I was never asked permission if my words and feelings could be shared else where. If asked I would most likely give permission, but and this is why I'm a little upset...I was not asked. These words may not be legally copyrighted, but they are my words. No one else can write a journal entry on here, just comments. I would apperciate if anyone reads this and wants to share what I've written that they please come and ask first. Yes this is for now a public journal, and I really do not want to have to make it private because of fear that someone may take what I've written and possibly use it as their own or just not give ownership.

Often when you read an article or poem, etc there's no author, it's because someone took it without permission.

So, if you did take my entry and post it somewhere else, please let me know where and who you are, not because I'm angry, I'm not. I'm honestly humbled that you felt my small entry was worth sharing, but so that I can put my name on it. Those are my feelings and it mentions MY husband, so if there's something out there from me I want my name with it.

I hope this makes sense. I don't want anyone to think that I'm mad, I'm truly not. I guessI was just really taken back. I never had any intention for anyone here where I live to read my words. It's not because I write negatively about them, just this is something of mine that I don't go and advertise so much to a lot of people I see face to face on a semi-daily basis.


Scott B. said...

I did a search...
It is listed here:

It is also listed here:

Linda said...

Christy - you can also use this website to see if someone's copying your site: just type in your address and it will list all the sites that have any contents copied from your blog.

Sheri said...

So sorry that someone took your post! I know that is so frustrating. (I remember a while back a kept reading two blogs that were almost identical, it finally came out that one person was completely stealing the others blog posts and posting them as her own! Can you imagine!!!)