Wednesday, September 27, 2006

School Days, Play Days

As you may know Jacob's home schooled. This is something I have felt led to do for years and Chad although initially apprehensive in the first few yrs of me feeling led, as Jacob got older he started to feel the same way and is now 100% behind US home schooling our children! I never pressured Chad, or at least hope he never felt that way. I just knew this was something GOD had layed on my heart and I wanted to obey. I did years of research, literally. (I first felt the desire 7 yrs ago when Jordyn was alive, but I was very apprehensive and honestly scared to go against the norm. My parents lovingly (HA) roll their eyes and without a doubt don't approve, but the facts are that we can't worry about how others feel about this decision. We know it's the right thing for our family. Jacob really loves it and the last month we started working daily on math. I recently ordered Singapore and Miqoun Math's, they compliment each other and after about 6 months of researching, talking to other home schooling families felt these would be the best for Jacob. For now I have a Kindergarten math that in the pictures above he's working on! He really, really enjoys math and yesterday told me that when he grows up he wants to be in the Army (nothing new), a Dr in the Army (which he later changed to Vet), and then decided he wanted to be a Scientist in the Army! I am truly loving this age! There's so much possibility and they're really starting to discover all the possibility that is out there in the world for them. I have no idea what Jacob will do and of course neither does he, but it's exciting to watch him!

I love seeing him grow into HIMSELF. He's not so much an extention of Chad and I anymore. He's Jacob and of course he always has been, but you know how when they're babies and toddlers they really are still such an extention on of you to an extent.

Now on the the "play" Jack's taking a Tumbling class. Heather (Mitchell's mom) is teaching it. He's not participating hardly at all. He's actually smiling in the bar picture, but trust me he wanted NOTHING to do with it. The parachute picture, you can't really see him, but he's sitting down on the floor, he did like when we pulled the parachute over us. When we get home he's all for doing everything that he "learned"! This past Monday we actually left 15 minutes early, because he wasn't participating anyways and I had a PWOC board meeting. When Heather walked in through the childcare room to go to the board meeting he was showing Heather how he could do flips! Next week Heather said to let Jacob participate (he has been doing school work) and hopefully Jack will follow along, we'll see. I'm hopeful! The class only goes to the end of October, it's once a week on Mondays from 9-9:45.

Well, I'm off! Jacob has soccer practice and I have to get both boys changed into sweats. It's been raining off and on all day and unless it's actually storming, they will practice. Yippee! LOL Jack will love getting to play in mud puddles. Hopefully it won't rain for the hour we're at practice! We won't be going over to the park this week, since it is wet though!


Linda said...

I'll bet Scotty would have LOVED that tumbling class. I need to get him involved in something...he's gone back to the "totally scared of childcare" kid and I can't go to PWOC or MOPS because of it. sigh....

Kelly said...

I am just so, so proud of you - i know, i know, i say that all the time, but I really am! you are just doing such an amazing job with those kids :-)