Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Tonight I got to talk to my sister in law (sil) for a couple of hours. Her and my brother both beleive Christ is our Lord and Savior, but have never truly been walking with him, seeking him in their daily lives, or teaching their girls about him. She was not raised in the church and my brother and I were not really either. She said that lately her and my brother have been talking and have felt for quite some time that something is missing in their lives and they both know it's God and walking and living the life HE desires for them vs the life they have been living.

She said they want to go to church and I encouraged her to call the local churches and find out what they offer, what their stance is on things, etc. She's also planning on getting the girls involved in the local AWANA program which thrills me as well!

I shared more of my testimony with her, my thoughts, and feelings, etc. I also told her that I'd been praying for her and my brother for years to get to this point. As so many of you know you have to often hit rock bottom before you realize there is a way to climb out and they want to climb! My brother is having some serious health issue's and I did not realize the extent of them. He's lost 25 lbs in the last few months which for say someone like me would be an AWESOME blessing...for my brother not so much. He's 6'2 I believe and a few months ago weighed 175, he's now down to 150 and she said he's still losing. She said he has dark circles under his eyes, his face is sucken in. He has a dx of the illness, I'm drawing a blank on the exact term right now, but it's with his colon. He's 29 yrs old. He works his butt off (he's a very hard worker) he's also going to college at night to become an EMT and I believe he told me the other day when we talked that in the spring he's going to start classes for nursing, his goal is to become a doctor. Now if you knew my brother in high school you'd be stunned by this. He HATED school...but he's older and wiser and wants a better life for himself and his family and I fully support him. My sil is about to graduate with her Associates in May and then will be going for her Bachelors after that for social work. Please be in prayer for them over school and health.

Back to their walk with Christ. The desire is there for my sil. It's just truly such a blessing. I think any of us who are walking with Christ knows this, and to know she's so close! She admitted she's scared and I think that's understandable, but I told her that once she does it she's going to see just how much scarier it is to have been on that "otherside". To live a life with Hope vs's such a huge difference. To know that even in the worst of everything that at the end of the day we have the Hope in Christ. That he will always be there to catch us, that we're never truly alone, that we're always loved unconditionally which is completely impossible for any human being to do. It's such a blessing!

I ask that each of you pray for my brother and his wife as they give their lives over to Christ. I warned her that Satan will be attacking them from every direction and she said she feels he is already and I assured her it's because he SEE's them going towards God and he does not want that, and told her to keep her eyes focused on Jesus and that once she's in his Grasps, Satan can not get her...he'll attack her and TRY to reclaim her, but the only way he could is if she went to him willingly...that otherwise God will NOT let her go.

I'm about to head to bed, with such joy in my heart tonight!

God Bless


EL-EM-ES said...

That is great Christy!! I'm glad they are going to him. Great advice you gave them. ((HUGS))

Kelly said...

I'm glad you got a chance to have a heart to heart. How wonderful that you have a new phone number that allows that to happen!