Thursday, October 22, 2009

Berlin pictures finally :)

I know, I know it took me long enough huh?! We went almost 2 weeks ago and let me tell you it was amazing. We really loved Berlin, far more than I expected to, to be honest with you! I actually am all for going back again, because there is still so much we want to see and explore!
We stayed at a great apartment. It wasn't huge, but it was a nice little apartment for the 4 days we were there. There was a bedroom with a king size bed that Chad, Emma, and I slept in, the living room had a couch that made out into a bed for the boys, a computer, flat screen tv, stove top, dishwasher, sink, a table, and a full bathroom. We were on the 1st floor which was great so we didn't have a ton of stairs to go up and down. We took Bentley with us and discovered that Berlin is the capitol of dogs! (Germans love their dogs!!)

For now, there will not be a ton of captions of where we were, mostly because off the top of my head I can't remember all of the places and don't have time to look it up, maybe I'll come back later and give captions!


He & Me + 3 said...

Looks like fun from the pictures.

Kim and Dennis said...

Your blog looks awesome, and I enjoyed the photos. I would surely love to visit all the places that you go!

CINDY said...

Christy, wow i can't believe i found your blog. pregnant? awww i am happy for you. loved the photo's.