Monday, October 26, 2009

Field Trip

We went on a field trip today! We drove over to Coburg, which is about 45 minutes from our post and went to the Veste. The Veste is a castle which is really great in itself, as you can explore a ton of the rooms (fairly rare and even take pictures although w/o a for me not great photo's although I did take them and will have them up Wednesday..that's my goal!). What's even more fascinating about Veste is that Martin Luther (you know the Reformer of the Luthern/Protestant church?!) he hid there for 6 months.
The castle is over 500 years old. Our family has been there once before. This time though it was just the kids and I and other homeschool families from our post, and we had a guided tour (in English of course).

It's always amazing and so humbling that we live in a place that is so full of history. From the way we practice our religion and worship our Lord Jesus. The wars that have ravaged this country, this continent. We literally live in history, the beauty of it and the ugliness of it. We live in the land of castles and cathedrals (more commonly known as Doms). It's stunning and humbling all at the same time.

Chad and I truly believe GOD brought us to Germany for this time in our life and we love it here, we love to travel, explore, and learn. We're also so humbled that he wants us to learn lessons here, in such great beauty and sadness. We live in a country that over 60 years ago Hitler ruled. I have friends who's grandparents were alive during WWII and shared some stories. Last spring during PWOC in the bible study class I took we were talking about WWII and the concentration camps and how it wasn't that the German's didn't know what was going on, and it wasn't that they weren't speaking up, but that they COULDN'T speak up, without the knowledge that they too would be arrested and taken to a prison camp themselves. Can you imagine knowing the horrors that were happening in your backyard, but not being able to actually tell anyone what was happening, because those in charge were the ones guilty of those horrors. Honestly it wasn't anything I'd ever thought about or truly considered.

I'm humbled and grateful for where GOD's brought us, and humbled to think of where he'll take us next.


Missie said...

I love learning about Germany from your entries. I can't imagine how wonderful of a place it is!

Joanna said...

If you get a chance, go to Wittenberg-Lutherstadt and see Martin Luther's homes, churches, etc. Talk about feeling like you're in the middle of history. . . The town itself can be done in a day, but with the drive to and from it's a long day. You could combine it with a trip elsewhere.

Amanda said...

I was humbled just reading your post Christy... thank you so much for sharing about this and giving God so much glory!!

Love to you!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful blog. And I am learning so much. My soldier's mum and my grandfather's people are from Germany and I am having a great time here.
Amazing music too :)