Thursday, April 22, 2010


We're back online! They came on Monday and got the lines turned on, of course nothing's ever as simple as it should be! :) We have 3 outlets for the phone/internet the main box being in the laundry room (for some reason the former tenants requested it be placed there....we're still not sure why!) then there's a line in our school room/playroom, then one upstairs in the living room. The only way for both our phone lines (we have a German line and Vonage/state side phone number) and the dsl to work, it all has to be hooked up in the laundry room. Not the most convenient of places and my wireless connection is not the strongest in the living room, but it's working and I'm here!

My laptop is still being looked at to see if it'll be cheaper to fix or for our insurance to replace (not sure if I ever mentioned that Emma got sick all over the keyboard of my laptop and well it did not recover lol), and Chad's laptop there's something going on with the cord/plug in so once my computer is either fixed or replaced we'll be sending his in and have them look at it.

The new house is great. I haven't gotten much at all unpacked, it's a slow process when a 34 week belly gets in the way and I can't reach the bottom of boxes, swollen ankles and feet and fingers, etc!! :) But we're here. The kids love it. There's so much more room. We have a 2 story duplex with a finished basement. The basement consists of our own laundry room (no more sharing!!!), the middle room is what we've made our family room (with a soon to be new flat screen tv that Chad's wanted and I gave my ok for), and the last room is our playroom/school room. That room is probably the most put together room. We sorted through a lot of toys and still have more to sort through (they're packed up though at least) and I still need to set up our school shelves. Tonight after Jack's baseball game, Chad's going to go and get a carpet our friend Tammy is giving us (for the living/dining room) and two school desks for the boys. We are wanting a small table to put down there eventually, but the desks will give us time to find exactly what we want and if we don't the desks will work great!

We had two big mishaps. Chad dropped and busted up our headboard. So, Chad now wants us to get a new bed...a king size! :) (We're in a Queen) Our room will be a little cramped, but it'll be worth it to have the extra room and as Chad said, soon we're going to have another little one sleeping with us so we need that room! LOL (never mind that we've had 3 sleep with us in a queen and it worked fine and 1 sleep with us in a full size) but I'm not going to argue with his logic!
The other mishap, is that Chad pulled many of our items out of our old storage room in the old apartment building and people stole some of our items in between trips. We got most of it back (Chad caught one person red handed and she brought everything back, someone else had told her we were getting rid of everything and we both talked to her, yelled at her, and forgave her...she also let us go through her apartment and search for the missing other items). The thing that's missing now that I had an emotional attachment to was many of our Christmas ornaments, most being ones of the kids, including Jordyn's and even ones from my childhood, which most I don't have an emotional attachment to, except for one that my Great Aunt had hand made and painted for me, it was Lucy (from Charlie Brown). I'm praying some how we get those ornaments back some how. Two large suitcases (nice ones) were stolen as well (stinks but no sentimental attachment obviously).

The kids all love their own rooms, we still have to paint them (well Chad does) and get rugs for their rooms, but it's all coming together slowly but surely! I have 5 weeks left of this pregnancy, it's still going great. The baby is growing perfectly. I really thought I'd gained at least 10 lbs the last two weeks, as much as my stomach has grown, but no...I barely gained 1 lb, the only way that could be is because of all the cleaning and back and forths between the house and apartment!

I am planning on uploading pictures tonight to the computer and will hopefully be able to post them on here tomorrow of the new house (before we moved in) once I have it all organized and decorated I'll share more photo's!

God Bless


Linda said...

glad to hear you are settling in. I was saddened, and a bit ANGRY, to hear that people stole your stuff. I know that especially on post, if it's by the dumpster, it's a free-for-all, but that people would take things from elsewhere. Really??? Did the woman you caught mention seeing anyone else?

I swear, these people STALK the complexes looking for other people's things. Be aware if post has a yard may see your things....