Friday, April 23, 2010

My heart swells

Last Sunday before AWANA, we got to church early and the boys were out playing in the grass across the street from the chapel with friends boys, playing soccer. The ball was kicked and rolled into the street. I was talking to another mom and didn't see as Jacob went to get the ball, he's 9 has known to look both ways, yeild, etc so I wasn't overly concerned as I saw him on the otherside of the street (side of the chapel) waiting on the car to pass to go back to the grass and continue to kick the soccer ball around. The other mom said "that was so great of Jacob" and she described how he looked both ways and then looked again twice, waited as a car down the block passed by and then crossed." She noticed and wanted to make sure I told him she noticed, because she knows as a Mom, that kids need to know we and others notice when they do the right thing (it's so easy to point out when they've messed up, but it's just as important, no more important to point out when they do right).
So today we're at the Bazaar that happens once a year on our post (Bazaars are wonderful little 3 day events that happen throughout various military communities...lots of different vendors come in, selling items from antiques, Americana decorations, cheeses from Holland (yum!), wine's from Germany, Italy, etc, lace, jewelry, etc, etc, etc). While making our purchase in the Americana space the lady tells me how impressed she is with all 3 of our children, how well behaved they were, that one of them had accidently knocked over a plaque and instead of doing what 99% of what others do and just step over it and go on like they didn't notice what they'd done, they set it back up and made sure it was in the same position as before they knocked it over. She said "you are obviously teaching them correctly". Whew...Chad and I both looked at each other and we smiled and sighed a sigh of relief that they were behaving so nicely, including Emma! (Hey she's 2, we all know they're unpredictable)

I am blessed and so very thankful every single day that GOD allows me to keep Jacob, Jackson, and Emma. He holds our sweet Jordyn in his arms and I KNOW she's safe and sound. As we prepare for our newest miracle and blessing to join us in only a few short weeks I'm in awe that for what ever reason GOD has allowed us these blessings, and we want to be intentional with each day we have with our children. I want them to look back and have happy memories of their childhood. I want them to see how the LORD has worked in their life from the moment they were concieved and that whether they were planned or not by Chad and I, that GOD planned for their lives and that they've always been wanted and always loved.


He & Me + 3 said...


That is the best thing a mother can hear. So many times we don't think we are doing a good job but to hear a complete stranger compliment our children on their behavior or even a close friend notice something wonderful our children are doing is the biggest joy to our hearts. You and Chad are doing a great job. YOur children are precious.