Monday, April 05, 2010

This is it!

We lose our phone and internet tomorrow and won't have it back until middle to possibly the end of the month (oh yes it really does take that long in Germany to get a simple transfer!), it could be sooner, but I'm not counting on it! We are getting things done, it just feels like nothing's done yet. Tomorrow that should change because Chad's going to go pick up the moving truck and he'll start loading up all the boxes and footlockers and small pieces of furniture that he can carry by himself. We'll load things into my van and his car as well and that will hopefully show us just how much we do have done. Chad's hoping to get off early today so he can finish packing up Emma's room (I'm doing the kitchen, bathroom, and closets today) and he'll start on our bedroom today as well. The boys are making progress on their room, slow progress but progress none the less. How they're doing things has changed as it wasn't working with them but since I gave them a change in the game plan they are actually seeing a progress! I won't be able or have time to check anyone elses blogs either. I look forward to being able to share pictures of our new house and will take photo's of our current and soon to be old one (all nice and empty).

God Bless