Friday, April 02, 2010

Sorting and Packign

As thrilled as I am about our new house we're moving to, the sorting and packing are things I would love to have someone else do. We could pay for movers ourselves, but well I'm just too frugal and can not justify paying for something we can truly do ourselves. We have a plan for each day of what we want and NEED to get done. Saturday after a fun morning of Easter Egg Hunts and other fun games to celebrate The Month of the Military Child and free lunch, shopping for footlockers, cleaning supplies (more like scrubbing items for Chad to clean the oven and some dish clothes for me to clean the bathroom!). To a friends to pick up boxes and home to sort and pack. Tomorrow I'll be packing up the living and dining rom, the entry wall table and closet and linen closet, while Chad goes through our storage room. Sunday we have church, Easter pictures, Easter dinner, family Egg hunt, then packing! We'll be working on our bedroom and hopefully get Emma's room done as well on Sunday. Monday I want to get the kitchen and bathroom done. Tuesday we'll finish the boys room or what's not done in there, and then cleaning what needs to be cleaned.

Want to pray for us?? Lots to do and well not a lot of time to do it! We can start moving on Wednesday after the preinspection of the new house and preinspection of our current apartment which is just them telling us what we're required to clean (which from our many friends who've moved from here, we know will not be much...thank goodness!). Ok I have to get to bed now, to prepare for tomorrow's crazy day! :)

Oh our phone and internet will be turned off on Tuesday and will hopefully be turned on by the 19th, but no promises! This is probably the last time I will write until after our move and internet is back on.

God Bless


Barbara said...

God bless your little family with a special Easter! All the best to you and yours in your new home.