Monday, September 13, 2010

Heavy Heart for Childhood Cancer

WOW, what else do you say to about a person who actually thinks that childhood cancer shouldn't get the funding that they're getting. WOW to someone who calls themselves a Christian, but has no problem having Children dying from a harsh, cruel, horrible disease. Wow to a person who tries to justify their ugly and disgusting words. Wow that this person is a mother to a young child. Who took the Childhood Cancer Ribbon that's on my page and displayed it on HER blog, and thinks that the less than 5% of all funding that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society give to Childhood Cancer Research is good enough.
Honestly it makes me sick to my stomach. It infuriates me. It breaks my heart. It literally makes me throw up. My heart is racing out of ANGER towards this person. HOW, I mean HOW does one justify this to themselves? How does one look at their child, knowing so many kids are DYING because of CANCER right now? HOW does one look at her child knowing 46 kids were diagnosed with cancer TODAY? HOW?
GOD willing, she'll never know all the hatred she's spilled out tonight. GOD willing she'll never know the deafening words "Your child has cancer". GOD willing she'll never hear "There's nothing more we can do" GOD willing she'll never sign a DNR for her child, never pick out a casket or urn for her child, a headstone for her a child, she'll never know the animal like sounds that a mother makes as her child takes her/his last breath. She'll never know the heart ache, the weeping, the begging she'd do with GOD as he welcomed her child HOME to Heaven. She'll never have those heart breaking questions "what if we'd done this, instead of this, etc". GOD willing she'll never know. I don't want her to know. I don't want another single mother to know the horrible reality I live. I don't want another mother to know the heartache of holding her child with no life left in her, in her arms. I don't want her to know the "peace" of knowing her child's in Heaven and that she'd never want her to come back, but she'd sure love to simply have her here healthy with a long life ahead of her. No, even in my hurt and confusion...I don't wish my knowledge on her....I just pray she'll understand her hurtful words and thoughts and see that although losing a grandparent to cancer is hard, losing a child to cancer is nearly unspeakable. We expect to bury our grandparents and our parents and even our spouse....we NEVER expect to bury our child.

If YOU want to see an end to Childhood Cancer. If YOU want more research done. If you want to find less toxic treatments for kids with can donate to:
You can get involved with (either become a shavee, put on an event in your area, or simply support a shavee).

Understand that if you're support American Cancer Societ/ACS that less than 4% of their over Billion dollar revenue is generated towards childhood cancer. That less than 5% of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's over 72 Million in revenue is delegated towards Childhood Cancer. Both USE children for their advertisement, because they KNOW Sick Kids bring in money. They know MOST people want to help kids with cancer.....but they don't want to actually help END Childhood Cancer (if they did, they'd be giving a lot more than their measely less than 4 and 5%).

My heart is so heavy tonight. I may struggle to pray for the mother I spoke of above, but I'll pray for her none the less. Please if the rest of you feel the way she does, just don't tell me. It's so heartbreaking to think people actually just don't think kids deserve a chance to beat cancer.


That corgi :) said...

I am so sorry, Christy, about this other mother. I can't imagine the insensitivity of others.....I wish I had the money to donate to all worthy causes out there, cure of children's cancer would be definitely up there on top of the list. I wish we lived in a perfect world where there was an abundance of money given for causes sooooo worthy like this. all I can do is pray and send hugs to you and let you know there are others out there that don't feel or think the way this mother does......


Bri said...

Oh honey, I am so sorry that someone said such cruel things. I've lost my Grandpa to brain cancer, we'd just barely come to peace with the diagnosis when Jesus took him home. As hard as that was, as broken as my heart was, I'd NEVER equate that to losing a child, NEVER! I agree 5% isn't nearly enough to find a cure for childhood cancer especially when they use the sick children, those sweet souls, to help bring in that money. Hugs to you my hurting friend. I will pray for you as you find grace to pray for this other mother. I will also be praying for this other mother. My heart truly hurts thinking about how much yours must be hurting. LY!