Sunday, September 26, 2010

With in the Army life (and military in general) you step up when a fellow Army wife is in need or their family in general. This past week a sister/friend needed support. Her husband had to go to Walter Reed for issue's he's dealing with (please pray that more answers come out from this trip) and as if that wasn't stressful enough, their youngest daughter was hospitalized. My sweet friend T won't leave her sweet girl M and there for wasn't eating much, and when you're pg and have Type 2 diabetes that's not a good combination, and well American's and German dinners leaves a lot to be desired, unless you like having some bread (not always brotchen), some of their cold cuts (which to me is YUCK), and maybe if you're lucky soup and/or a salad (normally pretty good). So once I found out she was in the hospital I got other wives lined up and we've had dinner brought up to her every day since, and on Friday Chad took her lunch and dinner. Her other two kiddo's were staying with her best friend, but her son who's Jacob's age asked to spend the weekend with us, so N has been with us since Friday after he got out of school. He has school tomorrow so Chad will make sure he gets there and our weekend of an extra kiddo will be over. I've loved having him. He's a great boy and him and Jacob are pretty well best friends. This is what you do for a friend. You help them when they need it, especially when they are too stubborn to ask for help or don't realize they have help out there. Honestly we were very blessed while Chad was in the hospital last month through the various meals people brought us and can't imagine what I'd have done if friends hadn't blessed us that way. Money was being spent on gas, since in general our gas budget is set VERY low and when I set our budget I had no idea it'd be blown out of the water after 2 days, I then used up our grocery money after a few more days of driving back and forth, so having limited groceries in the house as it was, and not getting home until late....we were looking at having pb&j until the next payday had I not humbled myself and told a friend we needed help in that area. Let me just say my kids have a lot to be thankful for (especially Jacob since he's not a fan of pb& on the otherhand am in a big kick for them "could" eat them daily....I don't but on yum!) anyways it's just a blessing that we can help others after being helped so much.

On other news...Chad returns to work in the morning. Say a prayer for all of us if you would as we adjust. I'm praying he stays on top of his pain meds. I know he can and will make it through his work days, I just know it'll be an adjustment for him and for the kids and I as well. He's been home for a little over 4 1/2 weeks. I'll start schooling the boys full time (Chad has been doing school the majority of the time with them since they started earlier this month) and juggling Emma and Noah. I'll be pulling out some preschool books I have for Emma to do while the boys are working on their school work, hopefully it'll keep her busy for a bit of a time at least.

God's Blessings


That corgi :) said...

I think it is an awesome community you have, Christy, of families helping each other when they need the help the most. that's how it should be all over; praying for Chad's first day back at work and his complete recovery and your homeschooling efforts!