Saturday, October 02, 2010

30 Days of Me

Well, I've watched as others have done it and I'm going to do it too! :)
Thirty Days of me. Hopefully I can do 30 straight days of me, but if not...oh well the world won't end! :)

Day 1 Introduce Yourself....

Well....I'm Christy. First things first is that I'm a CHRISTIAN. Next I'm a Wife to Chad. Third I'm a Mom to: Jordyn who was dx with AML leukemia 6 days before her 1st birthday and 14 months later went home to Jesus. I'm also Mom to Jacob, Jackson, Emma, and Noah. I live in Germany (my hubby's in the Army) and have for the last 5 years and love it and honestly if we could afford to retire and stay here I would, but well it's expensive to live here without the support of the Army, so I don't see that happening, unless GOD calls for bigger things than what I see so far! (I wouldn't be against it that's for sure).

I was born and raised for the most part in Kansas. I LOVE and mean LOVE Wheat fields, especially in the evening as the wind picks up just slightly and starts blowing the wheat, there's just something so peaceful about it.

As a kid my dad was laid off of work and he did what he had to, my parents bought a travel trailer and he worked building railroad tracks in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. He also worked out in the oil fields, which we lived in Texas and Oklahoma. Both jobs required a lot of moving. I went to 5 schools for kindergarten. My 5th was back in KS because my mom saw how hard it was on me to be moving every couple of months. She told my dad that she was not leaving him, but was moving home to Kansas. Well, my dad quit and we all moved back to Kansas as a family.

I'm the oldest of 2. I have a brother who's a year younger than me. As kids we fought constantly. I honestly couldn't stand my brother for most of my childhood. Once in high school I started to appreciate him and see him as a good guy. After high school we became friends and now I can say that I am so proud of him, love him, and just think he's an awesome guy all around. He's a devoted husband and dad to my beautiful 2 nieces. He works full time at a Cardiac Center as well as going to school full time (taking 17 hours right now), to be a trauma nurse and then he'd like to go on in his schooling and become an anestisiologist (sorry if I mispelled).

I'm a Stay at home, homeschooling mom. I love it. I'm thankful GOD has called me into this calling, this job (and it IS a job), this passion.


Emily said...

Awesome post! I loved reading more about your life. I could just imagine how peaceful the wheat fields would be. Thanks for sharing.

That corgi :) said...

I'm glad you are doing this Christy! it will be fun to get to know you more. I didn't know about your young years and all the moving around your family did, that is hard indeed! what an awesome field your brother is getting into too!!


J~E~S~S said...


I came upon your blog (great reads) and found your 30 days of me entries. Where did you get the 30 topics? I searched online and I have found several list but none that are the same as the topics you wrote about. I find yours interesting and wondered if you have the list I could use for my own blog??