Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 15: Your Dreams

Day 15 is Your Dreams

I think this is more about aspirations and hopes and not about what I dream about at night, if so it'd be a short one liner of "I rarely if ever remember!" rather boring!
My dreams have changed over the years some in ways that I never even imagined. When I was a teenager I had my life mapped out as so many of us do. I was going to go to college, get my degree in Child Psychology, meet the man of my dreams, have the practice of my dreams, then have 3 children...a boy, a girl, and another boy, and of course we'd live happily ever after.
Well I found that child psych. was not what I wanted to do. I eventually met and married Chad and well 5 kids later :) . I honestly thought I'd travel and visit Europe but NEVER live here.
My dreams at this moment are: To one day see a CURE for childhood cancer. To see a way for childhood cancer to be prevented. I want to see a day where my husband doesn't have a deployment looming in his life every other year. I dream of continuing to teach my children at home, of them not only continuing their love for Jesus as children, but for them to continue their love and relationship with Christ as adults as well. I dream of having a solid and healthy relationship with my children as adults, and dream of Chad having one with them too.
I dream that Chad will retire from the Army in a few years and that he follows the calling that GOD is calling him to (becoming a Chaplain). I dream that I will be the woman GOD has called me to be, and not the one "I" want to be. (Two very different things some days).
I dream of holding all of my babies again in Heaven, never having fear or concern that another will be diagnosed with cancer, die a painful death, feel unspeakable pains and heartache.
I dream that one day I'll have at least a decent relationship with my parents (mostly my mother and my relationship is strained to say the least).

My greatest dream is to truly have a heart like Jesus. I can't tell you in written word how far it is from such a beautiful place, but it's so far and it grieves me so much. I want to love others like Jesus does. I want to see them as he does. I'm not sure that dream will come true until I get to Heaven, but I truly want it.

So with all these dreams the best thing I can do is give them to Jesus and let him do as he will with them. And pray,pray, pray.

In His Grace,


That corgi :) said...

you summed it up so well, Christy, just pray, pray, pray, pray and turn it over to Jesus; he is the one indeed that can change hearts and lives

(I think that is neat that Chad wants to be a chaplain!)