Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Months Old

Noah's 5 months old!! It's amazing how quickly the last 5 months have gone by. I think that with each baby, but it's true. The time just flies (and it continues to fly no matter the age). Noah's a complete joy though. We've had a few bumps this last month. One night he decided that sleep was TOTALLY over-rated and didn't fall asleep until 6 AM! When Chad got up at 5 and left and sad how guilty he felt about leaving me knowing we hadn't slept, I burst into tears (they were short lived), and was thankful that he finally fell asleep and I was very thankful that my other kids slept in and then let me sleep (sort of) for another hour...yep they got to veg out in front of the tv vs starting on school first thing. I will say though, that's the beauty of home schooling, flexibility. I was not functional and had enough mind to tell them to watch a movie that would work for all 3 and please eat breakfast and be as quiet as possible.
Noah's also teething, or has been working on teething. Eventually those little buds will pop through. I'm in no rush! LOL
I'm still his very favorite person in the world! :) He lights up when he see's me. He leans towards me, lifts his arms, etc. He does really love his Daddy, brothers, and sister. He and Jack seem to click the best. Jackson can put him to sleep like no one else. Emma's so in love with him, it's rediculous, and Jacob has developed a very special bond with him as well. It's a beautiful thing to see your older children in love with their baby sibling. I honestly can't imagine only stopping with 2 or even 3 children, when I look at Noah and think of what a blessing he is to our family and how much I love him. We're so blessed that GOD has called our family to leave our family size in HIS hands!!!

With's a few pictures. They're all from October. On his 5 month birthday he decided it was time that he would be a big boy and sit all alone. (Not sitting up from laying, but I sit him on the couch of floor and he stays sitting up without assistance!) Such a big boy and so exciting to see his newest milestone!


That corgi :) said...

I can't believe it has been five months!! he's so adorable!! and that is great he is already sitting on his own!