Saturday, October 09, 2010

Day 5 {Your Definition of Love}

I have read a lot of people find this one kind of hard to answer, but to me it's easy. I can sum it all up in one word: JESUS. You can not know what real love is, if you don't know Jesus and when you know him you can know what love is. His love for me is so deep he died for me. As a mother I would die for my children, if I could have traded places with Jordyn I would have. If I could have taken 1 second of pain from her, I would have. I know that without Jesus I could never know what love truly is. How thankful I am to know my Savior, to have a relationship with him, to have his love.


That corgi :) said...

I'm with you, Christy, Jesus is love, the epitome of it. I would answered the same way