Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day 2-First Love

Wahoo...I'm doing day 2!! :)

My first love wow...well I think now looking back I had a lot more infatuations and really,really like vs love. I'd say my first true honest to goodness LOVE wasn't until I was in college (but hanging my head down very low thinking of all the boys I "thought" I loved and how easily I tossed that word around). The first love would be Mike Shirley. He and I met through a friend and his co-worker. Mike was in the Army. We dated for aprox a year. He was ultimately a good guy, but we just were not meant to be by any means and I ultimately was the one who broke up with him. . The relationship ran its toll. We both thought we were going to end up getting married even. We talked about it often, and he was the first to bring it up. I'm truly so grateful that we did not make that mistake.
The last I heard, he got out of the Army and married a girl who had a toddler. She lived in Kansas and he was from Oregan and I can't imagine they are in Ks if they're still married, because he deseperately wanted to go back to Oregan when we were together.
Wow, I hadn't thought about him in a very long time!!


That corgi :) said...

so glad you realized Michael wasn't the right one for you; I'm sure God definitely had a hand in it too!


Rauniyarr10 said...

Love your dairy.