Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 13: This Week

This week..I'll do my best! :)
Sunday: We went to church, went to the dining hall and had lunch, came home for a few, went to the chapel at 3 to work on AWANA stuff, then had AWANA from 4-5:30. Came home, had dinner, and relaxed.
Monday: The kids and I did school, played, we skipped sports time at the park with our homeschool group so the boys could finish up their school for the day. Jacob had cub scouts. I made stuffed shells for the single soldiers dinner that the Hospitality Host does once a month (and made our family stuffed shells as well). Dropped them off and when Chad got home we ran to the PX bought candy and bads for "Boo Bags" and the kids and I went and boo'd a few of their friends, since they'd been boo'd. We also bought candy to hand out on Halloween.
Tuesday: The boys did school, I had praise team practice, Noah turned 5 months old and sat upright without assistance (not from the laying position, but I sat him on the couch and he stayed sitting without falling over!). Noah had his Well baby check up, he weights 19 lbs 7 oz and is 25 1/2 inches long (yep he's a big boy). Ran a few errands after his apt, then home, made dinner. I feel like we did something that evening, but i can't remember for the life of me!!
Wednesday: I had PWOC, the boys did their school work during PWOC, came home made lunch, did some cleaning....I know I did some errands. Did not have evening PWOC which was nice break.
Thursday: School with the boys, cleaned, ran errands, and other things but I can't remember what. It's rather sad.
Friday: School in the morning, Homeschool PE after lunch, went to the commissary and a couple items I needed for what I was making to take to the Hospitality House. Came home and made dinner, we had a friends son over for a sleep over (he's good friends with Jacob), went to the Hospitalty House for our weekly small groups bible study and dinner.
Saturday: I got to sleep in...big time! :) Whoot-whoot! Got up, got dressed, had lunch, then we headed out and met with friends from the Hospitality House and went to a large Flea Market and found some good deals (a large wicker trunk that I'm going to use for throw blankets), an old world map (seriously awesome, although I plan to reframe it since its current frame is UGLY) and found a lazy susan that's huge and we only paid a few dollars for. After we were done we went to the post that was very close and got groceries (their commissary is only a little bigger than ours, but so much better!!!). Oh and we had dinner at Taco Bell since they have one and we do not. Came home, unloaded groceries and our finds, I nursed Noah and then we loaded back into the van and we headed to the Volks Fest (it's like a carnival).

There you have it. I know there are things I forgot that we did, but so is life! It's not always exciting, but it's ours!!


That corgi :) said...

I think you guys have a blessed life :)