Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 16: Your First Kiss

Day 16: Your First Kiss

Ok I'm so horrified by this one and have seriously been dreading this one. It was the summer between 1st and 2nd grade. Yes I'm serious. My family went on vacation that year to Wyoming. We spent the first part of the week with my dad's oldest sister (he's #5 out of 12 and she's the oldest of all of them). We spent an insane few days with her and her family seeing all that was in that area we went to see the Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, and so much more that my brain can't remember because was so many years ago and 2 I was very young! Well the 2nd half of the week we went farther north to see family friends. While visiting them (they were old enough to be my grandparents) many of her children and grandchildren lived nearby so we spent a great deal of time with them. I think it was the first night there, and all of us kids went to the park. Rowdy was the little boys name, we were the same age I believe and if not he was only 1 year older. While we were there he kissed me. Not some little innocent peck either, but a big, open mouth, wet kiss. I remember not knowing if I actually liked it or not, but decided I was going to like it and let him kiss me all he wanted over the next few days and there was a lot of kissing. Who does that? What 6/7 yr old girl has business being kissed. I can remember we slept over at his house one night. I know we all slept out in a common room. He waited until his sisters and my brother were asleep and then he started kissing me again. I honestly don't even know where his mother was at that point, but I know eventually she came in and made Rowdy just go to his room and me feeling really happy that I could finally go to sleep. I don't think any of the adults had a clue, because it's definitely something my mother would throw in my face if she knew and she's never said a word about it. (Up until a few years ago she still would bring up my first crush, which to me just seemed rediculous...I was married and it was a school girl CRUSH, nothing more). Anyways....that was my first kiss. A little boy named Rowdy (who from what I was told a few years ago got into a lot of trouble, so I guess the name suited him or inspired him one or the other) was my first kiss, at a park in Wyoming. Thankful that at this point, neither of my boys have done that and I will not allow Emma that opportunity or any of our other children!

I am praying that by us raising our children in the Lord and knowing him they will not follow in my or Chad's foolish footsteps and will honor and value themselves far more than either of us did.


That corgi :) said...

I wouldn't beat yourself up too bad about the kissing, Christy; so long ago and what did you really know at the time? It is a good opportunity, like you said, to make sure similar circumstances don't happen in your family. I remember my first kiss, not quite as ardent as Rowdy's, but I was 10 years old in fifth grade and I remember the guy's name. funny how we remember things like this and not other things :)


Beth in NC said...

Wow, be careful what you name your child, right?

I would be so furious if a boy pushed himself on my little girl like that. It is bad enough that she has a friend who TELLS her that she is his girlfriend. She is 5 years old! They talk about marriage. I don't like it one bit.

Makes you wonder who taught Rowdy at such a young age?

My first kiss like you described was in the 6th grade.

Hope you're doing well. I've been away for 2 months.