Saturday, May 20, 2006

Growing up

I was very blessed as a child, teenager, and equally so as an adult...I've been blessed with wonderful friends. I grew up in a small town, so I went to school with the same people throughout that whole time. Our family moved to what's my home town when I was in 2nd grade, our daughter's buried in my home town. My parents still live in my hometown (well out in the country..but you get the picture), my brother and his family live there, etc. If you did not grow up in a small town and have never lived in one, you will really never understand the beauty (and at times pain! lol) of living in a small town. I graduated with 53 other people. To say you know these people is putting it lightly. Most of us grew up together. Most of us were best friends at one point or another and also hated each other at one point or another. I feel blessed when I look back at those teenage years (high school) and say that I was friends with most of my classmates and truly loved them. We knew some family secrets (you know the ones where this person's dad's an alcoholic and drug addict, so hey he's doing good just being an alcoholic..and I can happily say I heard his sober now!) but you know those things. You know who's parents will allow parties and who's parent don't even know where the party is. You know what families go to church and which ones don't. You always know where everyone's parents work, etc. You have the friends who's parents are like your parents, but better or worse in some way...but they DO love you and they would do almost anything for you. So...the point of this entry, I really AM getting there. I had many friends, but I had a special group of friends who knew those deep feelings, thoughts, secrets, wishes, prayers, etc...I can say in those years there were 3 girls who I told EVERYTHING to, I was a pretty open girl when it came to telling things to...but 3 of them were truly my best friends, and this is where I want to go with this entry. My friend "C" was beautiful. She is part Indian part Mexican. She had moxy like you wouldn't believe, she did her best to please her parents, although oh if they only knew a few of the things that girl did! She decided to die her hair once (now picture the most beautiful BLACK hair, and that was "C"'s was just beautiful!) She wanted to have a red color. We were all at one of our friends home having a little party, the girl's who's house we were at and "C" went to the bathroom to die the she's rinsing "C" 's hair...she notices how the water is BLUE. She ended up with BLUE hair. She was horrified, yet we all were cracking up, because this would only happen to "C" lol! At one point around this time, C had also mooned someone...and so of course a few people found it humerous to sing "Blue Moon" when they'd see her! LOL She eventually I think saw some of the humor in all of it! Although I do remember as we're all trying NOT to laugh, she's sitting in the bathroom crying her heart out! over 11 yrs later, I'm sitting here in Germany, and this one time best friend got married last August and now she's about to become a Mommy. Quite a few of my friends have gotten married and became Mommy's, but thinking about "C" being married and about to be a Mommy brings tears of joy to me. I wish so much I could have been at her wedding, we'd only lived here for about a month when she got married. :( I'm a mother of 3, but it's "C" becoming a wife and mother that is making me feel like "We really ARE" all grown up. I'm sitting here right now, crying thinking about it. I get this way, so you'll have to just get used to it! LOL I'm so blessed to be able to look back on my childhood and know I have been blessed.


Kelly said...

you are just SUCH a sap ;-) love you kiddo