Thursday, May 11, 2006


Ok, picture this...pollen so thick that your vehicle is covered in this "lovely" tint of yellow, that you can see it on your shoes, bike seat, inside your home for some lucky people, so thick that the stroller that was left outside, is now covered in yellow. You can't breath, because your nose is stuffed up, your throat's sore, your eyes are driving you insane because of all the itching, the headache that just won't go away....ah....yes, it's Springtime in Germany! I'm going to try to take a picture of my van tomorrow to give everyone an idea of this rediculous pollen. I've never experienced pollen that is this thick and that's on EVERYTHING it seems. You can guess who has an allergy to pollen. I can handle small amts of pollen, say having flowers in my home that doesn't bother me of course, it's just when it's so thick, and it feels like that's all you're breathing in, it gets a little much for me! Sorry, I'm sensitive that way. So if you haven't already done it...send some rain our way, let it wash this pollen away.