Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunny Days...Rainy Evenings

It was beautiful all day long, but my boys did not get to play outside, much to my dismay. Their room is a disaster, seriously! They spent a good portion of yesterday in there and they've spent the past 2 days "cleaning" or in reality making it even messier, which I did NOT think was possible. They have clothes spead over almost every inch of the floor. They decided to drag toys from their PLAYROOM (yes they have a huge playroom, which is not as clean as it's supposed to be either). I'm honestly just furious with them at this point with their lack of doing what they're supposed to be doing. My husband called yesterday and said "take tv away", which I did...they got no tv or movie this morning when they woke up, instead they were immediately sent into their bedroom to start working on that after breakfast. I guess I just would be sick of being in there and would get it finished so I could get out of the room and get to go outside and play.

Now that it's evening it's turned really really windy and we had a brief rain, something tells me more rain is in store for us this evening and tonight. I prefer it raining in the evening/night so that during the day we can go outside and play (most days). IF the boys are able to get the room done today, tomorrow we'll do school work (we home school) and then go outside, ride bikes, and play at the park. Wednesday we're supposed to go to the pool. We all love swimming, I'd love to find out of the pool offers swimming lessons, I know Jacob would enjoy them. He can swim, and he can go under water and swim, but I feel like him learning at lessons would only make him a stronger swimmer. We'll see. We don't have a pool on post, unfortunately so if they are offered it'll only be offered off post. I may have to call a lady I know who was the swimming team coach here. I could find out if she knows anyone who's certified to teach, that'd probably be the best route to go. Ah...don't you love how I'm brainstorming here out loud!

I just went and checked on the boys progress with the bedroom, there's progress being made! My 5 yr old is the one doing everything, because my little guy is asleep in his bed. Part of me is tempted to wake him up, since he refused to take a nap today, but I'm going to let him sleep for about 20 minutes, which by then dinner will probably be done and he'll eat, take a bath, and then go to bed for the night. Yes he will actually do that too. My oldest is making good progress, so I think he's going to get the room to a point that we can go to the park tomorrow! I really love going to the park and just playing outside with them. We're going to go for a walk too. I'm determined to lose weight, and walking and diet is the way I'm doing it. I'm rejoining Weight Watchers online, and going to stop drinking Pepsi. So May 31 is my start day for WW's (payday!). I can walk 2 miles very easily, so we'll start with 2 miles a day and just keep going up as I feel I can.

Well, this was initally going to be a venting entry, but it's not turned out that way, and of course that's ok! :) I just checked in the boys bedroom and my little one's up, I guess he just needed a 1o minute power nap! They're on their way to getting the room done, I hope they will finish it tonight so we don't have to deal with it anymore!

Toodles! :)


Kelly said...

stop drinking pepsi?!! stop drinking pepsi?!!!! OHH - you are so dedicated :-) Guess with all that hops you'll just have to start drinking cheap German beer :-)

Sue said...

Christy, thanks for visiting my site and hope you come back again. Linda speaks of you often. Thank you for being a great friend to her out there. Sounds like everything went well (except for all the rain of course) and hope the room got done :)