Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another Day At the Park

Jacob and Scotty on the teeter totter
Jack, Scotty,and Linda
Jackson and Hannah

On Monday we went to the park and friends came over and played at "our" park with us. This is Hannah and Scotty, their mom is Linda from The kids had a great time. The boys were good and sweaty, full of sand, and ready for lunch and a nap when we came inside. The MacDonald Clan will be moving to our old stomping grounds, to Kansas. "Home". I was born and raised in Kansas. Chad came there via the US Army and we met one night in Aggieville...which is the local bar scene in Manhattan (Kansas State University). When we leave Germany our plan right now is to return to Kansas, buy a house not too far from Fort Riley, and then retire in the area. Our home church is there. I'm sure Linda and her family will enjoy it. It's the midwest, so it's not going to have all the things that say Atlanta offers or DC...but it has it charms. I'm a Kansas Girl through and through. I do miss seeing my wheat fields. I truly love them. They give me a peace, just by looking at them. When I was in high school my best friend and I would walk the country square mile, around a wheat field. Her and I loved doing this. There's no beauty like seeing the sun shining or setting on a wheat field. The fresh air, the hot humid summers, the cool falls. I LOVE living in Germany, but I love my Kansas too. It's home and always will be. :)


Just a trumpet player said...

That sure looks like a fun day !

Michele sent me. Have a great weekend !

Sue said...

Hey what are my kids doing on your blog LOL -- I have been out of sorts blogging lately but trying to catch up -- love seeing them with friends :)