Friday, June 23, 2006

This is the boys yesterday. Jacob picked up the toys him and Jack had pulled out into the entry way and then asked me to take a picture of him on the bench I keep in the entry way (it's got the American Flag painted on it). Jack insisted on jumping into the picture! Jack's at that full blown smile phase and Jacob's at that awkward smile phase (unless I can get him to laugh). They both love having their pictures taken though!

Today we went to the track, walked for a while then walked over to the PX and Commissary with the friend and her kids. I needed to get things for Chad to send off in his carepackage. Of course I planned to mail him an item I already had at home stuck it in my purse and then forgot to put it in the box! I will mail it to him on Monday. I just need to get a little box, I may go through and see what else I can find to toss in there. I don't feel like I send him enough care packages. Ok I got side tracked! LOL So anyways, my friend and I went into the PX and we got these storage carts, which is intended for tools, but of course are PERFECT for all our scrapbook items and a lot cheaper than most things intended to be for scrapbook supplies! We each bought two of them! The top opens up and has a fairly deep space, then you open up the next section which has 3 drawers, all different depths, then the bottom I have put all my paper and carstock in! It also has the wonderful metal bracket that you can put there in the front so when wheeling it around the drawers don't open up!! :)

Hopefully with this organization I'll feel more relaxed to actually get some pages done now. I'm not an organized person by nature, although I like's just something that I have to work hard at. I don't constantly strive to be organized. If it happens it's great, but it's just not worth stressing over. There are far more important things in life going on to worry about something that in the end isn't going to matter anyways. There are little boys to take out to the park, get nice and sandy/dirty, and completely worn out. There are good books to read, scrapbook pages to do, friends and loved ones to talk to, and time to spend with GOD. Worrying about something that just seems to over all elude me is just not worth it!

Well, it's late and I need to do my devotion, spend time with GOD in prayer, and maybe get some reading done. I think my book is due tomorrow and I'm not done so I'm going to have to extend the check out time, so that means a trip to the library tomorrow, the boys will love that! Maybe get a movie and of course a couple books for each of them! I do love libraries! When Chad gets home one thing I want to do is go to the library once a week and just read in the quiet of it. It's one of those things I just love doing, sitting in a big comfy chair and not have anyone disturb you and just let you read.

Tomorrow I'll post about our trip to Playmobil and the pictures from it!


Carmi said...

Greetings from Michele's. There's nothing as heartening as a child's smile. I live for my kids' smiles every day.


srp said...

Here from Michele.
Love those smiles. They grow up so fast. My daughter is an "only" and just turned 20. Where did the time go?
Where in Germany are you? My brother lives in Austria but is currently in Bayreuth for the Wagner Festival. He is an opera singer.