Monday, June 05, 2006

Come Home Soon

I am really missing my husband right now. We're over half way through our deployment and well I'm ready for him to be home in my arms, next to me in bed, holding me, playing with our boys....being together as a family. I'm as patriotic as they come. I support this war, I support our President, most of all I support my husband. If I were against this war, I would not be supporting him. That's how he feels, how I feel,and how many of our friends feel (other soldiers). The Army is their job, their job is this war...that's why we HAVE the military...they are doing exactly what they train for.

I still miss him though. I love him and I'm proud of him, I miss him though. I look forward to him coming home and us being together again as a family. Here's lyrics to a song, that came out in 2003 not too long after the War broke out. It makes me cry everytime....

Come Home Soon lyrics: SHeDAISY lyrics.Album: Sweet Right Here.

I put away the groceries,And I take my daily bread.I dream of your arms around me,As I tuck the kids in bed.I don't know what you're doin',And I don't know where you are,But I look up at that great big sky,And I hope you're wishin' on that same bright star.

I wonder.I pray.And I sleep alone, an' I cry alone,An' it's so hard livin' here on my own.So please, come home soon.Come home soon.

I know that we're together,Even though we're far apart.And I'll wear our lucky penny,'Round my neck pressed to my heart.
An' I wonder.I pray.I sleep alone, I cry alone,An' it's so hard livin' here on my own.So please, come home soon.Come home soon.

I still imagine your touch:It's beautiful missing something that much.But sometimes, love needs a fighting chance,So I'll wait my turn until it's our turn to dance.
I wonder.I pray.I sleep alone, I cry alone.Without you this house is not a home,So please, come home soon.

I walk alone.I try alone,An' I'll wait for you; don't want to die alone.So please, come home soon.Come home soon.Come home soon.

Why choose are reproduced here for personal and educational use ONLY. Please read our disclaimer and guidelines.© 2006 John D. Lewis and Dawn M. Lewis.
Written by Krystin Osborne and John Shanks.(© Dylan Jackson Music / WB Music Corp.)From "Sweet Right Here", © 2004, Lyric Street.


Kelly said...

That song kills me too...although I cry at everything.

It is hard waiting, the thing that drives me crazy is the constant date change; June, July, who knows when.