Saturday, June 03, 2006

Great Day

Today was one of those just great days! We got up this morning, hung out, the boys played and just had fun. I put a roast on for dinner, of course for the next week my hands will probably reak of garlic (actually lemon juice does do wonders and it's not too bad anymore!). Then the boys and I went to the park, we were there for about 2 or 3 hrs, came back for lunch and naptime...which they were both worn out from playing at the park so they went right down! They got up and I was working on dinner, they played. The playroom's been kind of messy so I turned on the timer for 10 minutes and Jacob went to town. That boy cleaned like a mad man! I will admit I was very proud of how hard he worked. It's not all done, but 3/4 the way. I told him in the morning before church we'd do it again and he was excited! Making it a game is the trick! :) Jack on the other hand wanted nothing to do with helping pick up (and he definately made a good portion if not most of the mess!), so I wasn't thrilled with that little mister. While I was making our plates, Jacob went to the living room and picked up the odds and ends for me. He knew I wanted to vacuum and so before any of us ate I actually did that really fast. I love having a vacuumed floor!

Because Jacob cleaned the playroom and did it so well and joyfully I told him he could pick out a movie that we could watch after dinner. He chose Little Mermaid 2. Not one of my favorites (although the 1st one is my favorite), but I admit that it was so nice to watch a movie with Jacob. Jack was sent to bed early after being a grouchy little guy, he refused to eat dinner (normally he scarfs down roast) he was yelling, crying, and just being a very unpleasant little boy..he was tired! So off to bed he went. He cried for maybe 10 minutes over all, but not bad considering the mood he was in! Jacob and I finished watching the movie and he brushed his teeth and off to bed he went and was out with in about 5 minutes!

Oh great..Jack's up and crying and making no sense! Being 2 is hard I tell you. He wanted a drink, got one, but didn't want to go back to bed! He's there, but crying! I shouldn't laugh, but if you have or ever have had a 2 yr old you know how they're so tired and make no sense and just don't even seem to know what they want, much less making it clear to you what they want! That's where he's at right now! :) He's quieting down so he'll probably be out in the next few minutes! Oh I was right...all is quiet now!

Tomorrow we have church in the morning and we'll come home, have lunch, naptime, then when they get up we'll be off to the park and a walk if it's not raining, which of course the forcast is calling for. Maybe we'll take a walk in the rain! :)


utenzi said...

Michele sent me, Christy.

You might not realize it but you should be a relationship counselor. You have helped me so much in this post. I was near breaking up with my girlfriend but not I see the light. She's regressed to being 2 years old. At least this will give me some insight into how to deal with her. *whew*

On the other hand, I don't envy you one little bit! At least I can dump the girlfriend. LOL But I guess Jack will grow out of this stage soon enough. It's a good thing that Jacob is being cooperative.

Christy said...

ROFL! Utenzi! I'm not even sure how to reply to your comment other than laughing! Sorry she's behaving like a 2 yr old, I can handle it in an actual 2 yr adult yeah, not so much!