Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Myspace Layouts
Myspace Layouts

Yes it's summer and it's getting hot and today I've just really felt it and felt miserable. I admit that I want my a/c during the summer and today I've thought many times about if I should just bite the bullet so to speak and buy us an a/c. They are portable so I could have it in the living room during the day and then at night move it to my bedroom....it's just really hard to justify spending about $400.00 on one that I'll probably only use for a month, maybe two the next two years! I'm going to keep my eyes out and see if any of those who are PCS'ing had one and are selling theirs, if so then I'll probably get one that way, but new just hard to justify since Germany's summer's are not as long.

It's finally raining! Oh I love the rain, it cools it down and I love the smell of rain. It smells so refreshing. Of course it's thundering now so I'm going to get off of here since normally if there's thunder lightening isn't too far away from showing up.

Tomorrow we're going to playmobil, I am looking forward to getting wet possibly! Even if it's just through the boys coming and hugging me when they're dripping wet! LOL


Trish said...

One good thing about buying things for specific to a duty station is that you can sell it to other military members when you leave (usually)
We did this in Hawaii, which had it's own specific needs and Spain, which did as well (Euro plugs, etc)
I say go for it and live comfortably. Maybe aafes has it?
Your family is beautiful, btw