Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mish Mash

Today was the Spring Kickoff for PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) for non-military this is our Women's bible study. I'm on the board as the outreach person, which has been a perfect fit for me! Even with our break I've been busy planning a Deployed Spouses Dinner which is a week from tomorrow! I'm excited, but it has taken a lot of work and I do really hope the ladies enjoy it!! I will be stepping down though after 2 1/2 yrs and letting someone else take over this position. God placed me in the perfect position for *ME*, but it's almost time to let it go and I do so with joy in my heart. I know God's already working on a lady to take it over! It'll be exciting to see who she is! I'm praying for her now and if God places her name on my heart I'll be mentioning her to our President, but of course he may not tell me!
 we did the kick off and it went wonderful! I'm excited about the new study! I already know which study I'm taking, but will continue to pray over it to make sure it's the ONE as I do NOT want to make a mistake like I did last semester! The study last time was great, but it was not the one I was "supposed" to be in, and I didn't realize it until we were many weeks into it. Lesson learned trust me!

I took Jacob with me. Normally he goes to a FCC provider (in home daycare), but I've misplaced her phone number and couldn't call her and let her know he was coming. I had him pack up his books and off we all went. He sat beside me and did all his school work. No complaints, a few questions which he asked quietly and he did his work. After it was over, friends were asking how he spent his time and they were shocked to find out he did his school work during our program! Amazed that he was smiling and didn't mind being in a room full of women! (There were about 60 there today). They all complimented him, which definately was a nice boost to his little ego! I talked to a friend who's homeschooling her 13 yr old. When PWOC started this year (in the fall) she'd mentioned that he'd most likely watch Jacob for me on Weds., so I talked to her today and she's going to talk to her son and I will talk to him as well and if so I'll take Jacob to her place. Jacob loves her son and he is great with Jacob so I think Jacob would enjoy it. Jacob liked going to the FCC providers, but he was always there with little ones and said he got bored sometimes. Plus he couldn't do his school work there, because she had other activities planned so it pushed his school into the afternoon. If he goes to my friends, he'll be able to do his school work and at least have the majority of it done and if he has any left after lunch we can finish it up and be done for the day soon afterwards!

I also started thinking, next year Jackson's going to be at an age where he will not be allowed to go to childcare during PWOC either. I think that'd be too much for my friends son to take on and I don't see a lot being done if Jack went there too. I'm already praying that God will place someone in our life who's not going to PWOC, where they can work on their school work, and I can continue on with PWOC. I know God already has this taken care of. He knows what a blessing PWOC is to me and that especially during the deployment it's one of my saving graces!

On a totally different topic...Emma. She's starting to push up. Crawling is so close and it makes me want to cry. I KNOW she's 5 1/2 months and that it's the next step, but I'm not ready. I am absolutely in no hurry for her to get bigger. I am just enjoying her babyhood for all that it is, but you know it's already almost half way over. How is that? It feels like she was JUST born! Last night Chad and her were playing and she was babbling. She's been babbling for a while now. When she wants to nurse she'll go "mmmmmummmmummmm". I had never claimed that to be "mom" more of "mmmm"...but last night she's all gaga,ba,dada. Yes, "dada". Oh no. So I pulled the "mmmmum" card out and said "that's mom"! ROFL! Looking at Chad and her last night, she really does look like him, and I don't know if he see's it but what he does see is this little girl we've both prayed for, are in love with, and who in a few short months he's going to have to leave and not see grow up "in person" for 15 months (well ok 14 1/2 when you count block leave). Let me tell you, it stinks. It breaks my heart. She loves her Daddy. Her face lights up when she sees him. Her eyes shine and just dance when she see's him or the boys (me too, but I'm often the one holding her). Her eyes the way they sparkle remind me so much of Jordyn. Different color, but that life in them. Her eyes already draw people in, because they're HUGE and sooo blue. The boys do not have blue eyes! Jacob has hazel and Jack has brown. Her eyes often startle people when they see her for the first time. They just simply draw you in. Jordyn's eyes were blue for a while, but turned hazel (not the same blue as Emma's though), and her eyes would draw people in. People often commented on her eyes. It's amazing to me really. The boys have always been compared to with their looks and I know they look alike! To think that even though my girls never knew each other here on this earth, that God put something in them that would allow for the same comments...their beautiful eyes. He is gracious isn't he!

Emma Grace 5 months

Jordyn 6 months

I've decided I'm going to start to once again try and memorize verses! This weeks verse for me is:

Eph. 2:8

For it is by Grace you have been saved,

through faith and this is not from yourselves,

it is the gift of God.

How great is he? He gave us Grace, in the form of Jesus, so that we can join him in Heaven. Oh how great he great he is.