Saturday, January 05, 2008


We have them again in our house, so far I'm the only one not coughing and hacking up a lung. Emma's the one I feel the worst for, Chad's the one I'm most annoyed by! Chad rarely gets sick, as a child he NEVER got sick. Yes you read that right, the man never got sick. He had chicken pox before he was school aged and after that nothing. He didn't miss a day of school for anything other than school sponsored functions (perfect attendance always). So now when he does get oh say the slightest's like a national tragedy. I'm "sick" of listening to him! LOL He has simply a cold, you know that thing most of us get at least once a year..yeah! The boys both have a cold too and so does sweet little Emma Grace. This morning she started screaming for no apparent reason too and she's done that twice now. She is also teething and I'm thinking the horrifying screams are from those mean teeth trying to fight their way through her tender little gums.

Chad and her sat in a very hot and steamy bathroom last night to try and break all the gunk up in her chest, they both felt a bit better and both sounded better after that. Chad and the boys are also taking cough suppresant at night so they can all get some sleep. Jacob HATES it and takes so long drinking it, we both keep telling him to just gulp it down in one shot, it just makes it so much easier than prolonging it. Jack's not feeling good besides the cold too, I pray he doesn't get anything else besides this cold. We've dealt with the flu between the 5 of us already and I do NOT want that again in this home. I keep windows cracked open so that we have some fresh air getting in and hopefully sick germs leaving.

Emma and Chad took a bath this morning, and she's now finally passed out on my chest as I type this. I think all you momma's can understand and relate how helpless you feel when your child is sick, but it's worse when it's your baby. Because of Jordyn I normally am pretty relaxed when my kids get sick. I know you'd think I'd have went the opposite direction but I figure for the most part it's just making their immune systems stronger every time they get sick. Over all when compared to the average kid, my children rarely get sick and that is an absolute blessing.

So with all that said and done, say a little prayer for my precious family please. That first of all our baby girl gets over this nasty cold and starts to feel better and that my boys get rid of their cold and that in some ways the biggest baby of them all, my husband gets past his. I do think it's good this man gets sick every once in a while, builds empathy! :) BTW this is his first cold ever! Disgusting isn't it..almost 33 yrs old and this is the first time he's had a cold. I've had one pretty well every year of my life and growing up in a house of smokers, got bronchitis every year as well. (IF you smoke, please quit, but at least take it outside and away from your kids!).

BTW...Emma turned 5 months old on Thursday. My how quickly time is going by. Too fast.


Kelly said...

Ugh... men are the BIGGEST babies when they get sick. Guess that's a bonus for (currently) being single.