Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clearer heart

Today was a better day for the most part. I felt just over all better today. About 5 I started feeling the NEED to just get out, by myself, for just 5 minutes. Chad got home and I left for the commissary..completely Childless. I won't leave Emma with anyone other than her Daddy, but it was 20 minutes of the break I needed and I felt so much better!

God is good there! I came home, got dinner going. Chad and the boys and Emma all were playing in the livingroom. Chad pretty well wore Emma out and the boys were just full of joy, literally!

God so often humbles me. He did today. He showed me what 20 minutes alone can do for my soul and what joy it can bring the rest of my family. I'm no good to them when I'm worn out. I just need quiet at time, even if that quiet comes in a 10 minute time in the car (to and there). It gave me time to talk to God, without interruption. We all need that. Normally that time comes once the kids are in bed, but today I needed it much sooner. Thank you Jesus for alone time. Thank you for allowing me to get my breath. For allowing me to feel your presence in moments of blahness.


Kelly said...

We all have days, or weeks, months whatever where we don't want to get out of bed and just want to be left alone. Besides seeing someone for your anxiety I would say to make more (some) time for yourself. Find something that you enjoy that doesn't involve the husband, kids or even God. Just a Christy thing. Your jobs are 24/7 and you need some time off!

ABW said...

20 minutes really can be a lifesaver some days!