Thursday, April 24, 2008

God's Blessings, Satan's lies

Do you trust God completely? Before you jump up and say you do, think about that long and hard. I know I want to, and I strive to, but I know there are things that I have yet to trust him with. The thing is, it's rediculous. If there's anyone we should be trusting with everything, it's GOD. Yet we're selfish, controlling, foolish people, and so prideful. I know I may sound like I'm preaching but I just feel such desire to share this and truly believe it's from God and it's just something my heart aches over for so many.

Children. In our society today they are seen as a burden. They are. People will roll their eyes when talking about them, talk about how they can't wait for them to grow up, etc, etc, etc. Yet if you're a Christian God tells us that children are a blessing. He is blessing us with children. They are NOT a burden. So why are they seen as such? Why is it that God gives us these GIFTS and once a person's had one or two, or at the most 3 they say "ok NO more, that's all I can handle". Really? I don't get it. God tell us that they are a blessing, they are from him, our gifts, but we are telling him "no, sorry, I don't want it". Why because you don't think God is big enough to give you the ability to handle them? Or what seems to be the very popular "we can't afford them" or "I want to be able to give them a comfortable life, send them to college, have money so we can be comfortable, etc. etc. etc" all comes down to though one thing....trusting GOD. Do you trust him or not? Do you believe that God would give you a child to harm you? Do they/you not think he wouldn't show you a way to provide readily for that child and the others you may have successfully.

I want to know at what point in our society did children turn from a blessing into a burden? Why are Christians not trusting him in this part of their life? Why are they listening to Satan's lies? God doesn't say that following him will be easy. It's not and so often I have fallen flat on my face and failed God, but he helps me right back up and tells me to try again. He whispers it gently in my heart. God wants us to delight in his ways, in his blessings. It's not the "in thing" to do, but how often is following God the "cool thing to do"? Rarely.

We only have one shot at this life and if we don't take it and do the right thing. It's not easy, it's allowing GOD to call the shots, no matter how scary they appear to be!

I'm working hard on trusting GOD with everything. I have to, without that trust there's just so much I'm missing out of my relationship with Christ.


Zhohn said...

Amen Sister! I believe that God will not give you more than you can handle. I have the same feeling on children.
Thanks for stopping by and signing in. I'm on my way to your daughters CB site right now.
May you be blessed, today and always.

Brian and Jen said...

Hey Christy, just catching up on your blog... looks like you are all doing well. I'll be praying for you guys as Chad deploys soon. Say hi to everyone for me! I miss Bamberg!

melinda marie said...

I love your blog. I got here via Zhon.
One question ~ how do you add a youtube clip to your post? I want to put one of a little girl singing, "Amazing Grace!"
Any help appreciated.


Emily said...