Monday, April 21, 2008

Reality's Hitting

In just a few short weeks my husband will be leaving our family for 15 months. I'm not ready. I'm sad, proud, anxious, annoyed, not ready though. As the days inch closer and closer I will probably get to the point where part of me feels like "just go already, so you can get home" yet another part will be dreading that final Goodbye, I love you.

If you've never had to watch your husband get on a bus and know without a doubt you'd not see him for a year or more, you simply can't understand so please don't say you do. Having him go off for a weekend trip, or a week or two business trip is just not the same. I'm sending my husband to a war torn country to fight in a war. He will not stay safely on base camp, his job will require him to go outside of the wire often, very often. I know that where ever he's at over there he's always going to be under God's protection and that no matter what, nothing can or will happen to him that is outside of God's will for his life. I still pray though that God's will is to bring Chad home safe and uninjured to us.

Today Chad came home for lunch and Emma wanted him, when he gave her back to me she did something she's NEVER done before, she cried for him. I mean real tears crying. She wanted her Daddy at that moment. My boys love their dad, they adore him, they genuinely like him and just want to spend time with him. I know they're going to miss him like crazy. The boys are old enough that they to a point they understand. They see a great deal of their friends who's dads are currently deployed right now, so it's nothing new honestly, but it does not make it easier.

So...pray for our family please. In the military life, especially the Army life deployments are nothing new. This is Chad's 3rd OIF deployment in 4 yrs. This is our longest deployment as well.

I don't want to do this alone, but I know I'm never truly alone. I always have my Lord and I know Chad will be praying for me as much as I'll be praying for him.


Zhohn said...

You're right. I have no idea, none at all.
I wish I was there to give you a BIG hug!
Praying for much peace and comfort.