Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chad

Today (the 29th here in Germany already) is my husband's birthday.
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The kids and I have yet to go and get his gift so we're doing that once the PX opens tomorrow, I know, I know BAD WIFE! I will do better next year, because I'll have to mail it to him and so I'll have to be thinking ahead. I did get him a card already! Tomorrow I'm having the kids make him homemade cards. They'll mean so much more to him than anything we could buy!

I'm not 100% what we're doing for dinner yet...we're either going out to eat at his choice or I'm making his favorite: lasagna, homemade bread, and a salad. I will be making him no matter what a Cherry Cheesecake for his Birthday cake! :) It's his favorite so I know he'll love it!

I'm so blessed by this man and thankful for him! He's a wonderful husband, who had his flaws, but over all does everything in his power to make me happy. Poor guy has to work really hard sometimes at that one! :) He's an amazing father! If God allowed us to pick the father of our children and all the qualities we wanted in that father BEFORE hand, I mean long before hand...I'd have chosen Chad! He's truly one of the very best, dedicated Dad's out there. Our children are truly blessed to have him as their Daddy! They all love and adore him. Jordyn would run to the door to greet him everyday he came home when she was alive and the boys always light up and normally run to him when he arrives home and Emma if I'm holding her often tries to jump out of my arms to him or just gets really excited and snorts her cute little snort that she does, with her eyes just shining at him!

Chad's a man of substance. He loves the Lord and does all he can to serve him the way he feels led to. He's an example to our children in the way he's serving GOD, how he's a husband, and how to be a father. He's also a HERO. I do NOT believe every man or woman in the military is a hero, I think that term if thrown out there too much, but Chad is a hero. There are things he's done in his career, in deployments, etc and I'm proud of him for his courage, his wisdom, and his discernment. I'm truly blessed!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Hero Man! :)