Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I know 2 blogs in one night. I was reading Emily's blog a few minutes ago and started thinking about the various people in my life and how they've changed it for the good and the bad. There's Chad of course, who I met at 19 yrs old, I was young, sassy, and so rediculously cocky it's not even funny. That man who when I met him cared about me before I even gave him a chance, but when I did he became one of my best friends, and now is my best friend. Our children. Right or wrong, Jordyn's had the greatest effect on my life. To hold a child in your arms who's made you a mother and hold her as she takes her last breath, there is nothing more precious or sacred than that. She drew me closer to Jesus. She showed me courage that I'd never seen before and don't imagine I'll ever see again. Jacob, showed me I really could love again. Jackson showed me that true deep laughter was once again possible, and Emma has shown me that love through tears is what it's all about. Then there's the friends. Tami has seen me in the darkest of places, who's let me cry at 3 AM, who's called me at 3 AM to cry. She loves me for me. Oh what a gift she is. Then there's Emily. I love that girl so much. I met her when I was pg with Jackson and she was pg with her oldest, we had no idea at that point where God would lead our friendship.

God has led our family all over this world, and the one place I've loved living more than anything is here in Germany. He's blessed me so much with PWOC, the small community we live in, and the friends. Bobbie is the sister I've never had. Aimee and Becky are women that I love so much, who I ache to think will leave me all too soon. Then there's Petra. This is a woman who has blessed me with her honesty, compassion, and love. Who's shown my children such love. What's such a blessing to me of all these women that I've written about is their love of Jesus. He has surrounded me with these amazing women and I can't imagine how my life would be without these women.

If you don't have strong Christian friends surrounding you, you're missing out. We need people to hold us up when we're down, who will hold us to the fire when we're wrong, and who'll love us as Christ leads them to love us.